Mission, Vision & Commitments

Mission, Vision & Commitments


The Mission of the Oxford Academy and Central School District is to develop self-directed learners who are able to make intelligent choices and contribute positively to society.  

Our Vision is to be a leader in achievement, one student at a time.

1. Provide an effective instructional program that ensures success for every student.
      a) Increase enrollment and performance of all students in honors, college level and other advanced programs.
      b) To support the achievement goals of each CDEP plan in order to ensure that the goals will be met.
      c) To provide a positive safe environment for learning where students will demonstrate self-respect and respect for others. 
      d) To continue to celebrate student successes and set student learning goals.
      e) Expand collaboration with local/regional businesses for students through the launch of the Work-Based Learning program.

2. Make improvements to the school facilities to provide a safe and inviting learning environment for all stakeholders that support instruction and learning, good health, and a safe environment for the school community. 
      a) To support the pending Phase 3 Capital Project and ensure the project completion in an appropriate and timely manner. 
      b) Incorporate the necessary and updated technology that will assist all student instructional goals. Develop and finalize the Smart Schools project.
      c) Periodically inspect all District facilities to ensure they are being maintained in a clean and safe manner, as well as update and test all safety plans. 

3. To increase communication and partnerships with all stakeholders in the school community.
      a) The board president and superintendent of schools will share board goals with all staff members the first day of school.
      b) The board will facilitate effective communication with students, parents and staff in order to build long lasting productive relationships.
      c) The business department will explore partnerships with all community stakeholders in order to enhance school opportunities and optimize the district’s budget. 
      d) The Board will work with the administrators and staff to share important information about the District with the media and publicize the accomplishments of our students with a goal of making the public aware that Oxford Academy and Central School District is one of the premier school districts in our region. 

4. The Board will periodically review District Policies to ensure that all policies are current and up-to-date.
      a) The District will transition to the Hogan, Sarzynski, Lynch, DeWind, & Gregory LLP’s policy service. 
      b) Policies and procedures will be established/monitored as per the recommendations of the policy service on a continuous basis.

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