Superintendent Shawn Bissetta

Shawn Bissetta Superintendent

Oxford Academy is bustling with activity as we put winter in the rearview mirror and set our sights on spring!  With the winter athletic seasons wrapped up, everyone is eagerly anticipating the return of green fields to replace the huge mounds of snow.  Along with the anticipation of the warming temperatures, we can also look forward to a variety of events that will keep us busy for the remainder of the school year.  One event that should definitely be on your calendar is the March 8th “Pathways Expo 2018”.   If you’ve read previous newsletters, you will recall that a recurring theme is the importance of forging connections between student interests and opportunities available within a community.  We have attempted to create these types of connections through the “Pathways Plus” initiative throughout the course of the 2017-18 school.  The creation of this program represents our attempt to assist students in identifying their interests and skills, and subsequently allow them to explore careers that are a good match for them as individuals.  

An important component of the program is providing flexibility in the learning process.  In a traditional educational model for small rural school districts, accessing a wide range of related courses is not always possible due to financial and logistical constraints.  The Pathways initiative has identified this potential impediment to learning and has tackled it head on.  With the Oxford flexible learning approach, students now have limitless options to explore.  If there is a need for a particular skill or knowledge base, or you are interested in acquiring experience in a career domain, our school can now provide a learning opportunity associated with that particular interest or need.  “Pathways” can become a very formalized sequence of multi-year courses constructed specifically with a particular student in mind, or, it can involve a very basic level of exploration in a more informal way – the level of depth depends on what the student is looking for and would most benefit from. 

Now that the program is up and running, we want everyone interested in learning about it to have a chance to hear directly from the people involved.  At 6:30 pm on March 8th, we will be hosting an informational session designed to explain the program from multiple perspectives.  Anyone interested in learning about how students and the larger community can benefit from such an arrangement is invited to attend.  Participating students, teachers and regional business partners will specifically address the purpose and direction of the program as we look toward 2018-19.  This is truly a unique opportunity to gather information from a wide range of perspectives about why this is such a priority from our entire community.  Please plan on joining us for this chance to share ideas about how we can make Oxford Academy the best place it can possibly be.  

Shawn Bissetta


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