Superintendent Shawn Bissetta

Shawn Bissetta Superintendent

Welcome back to a brand new school year!  I hope that you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer, and everyone is looking forward to making 2018-19 another special year at Oxford.  In the first newsletter in each of the last several years, a significant portion of my comments have focused on the importance of establishing goals with clear action plans for the district to achieve optimal results.  Once again, I would like to reiterate our commitment to a set of coordinated goals with a clear action plan.   We know that high achieving organizations have a vision of what they would like to accomplish, and sticking to a long-term action plan designed to tackle those goals is essential.  For that reason, our goals are similar in many respects to our goals from a year ago, with modifications and adjustments made where appropriate.  Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the priorities that will shape our pursuit of excellence in 2018-19.  

There are several recurring themes that will figure prominently into our mission at Oxford Academy this upcoming year.  2018-19 will see a laser-like focus on ensuring that we have a strong foundation for learning throughout the district.  Building and maintaining a strong foundation requires several key ingredients – coordination between buildings/grade levels/departments, a commitment to implement research based best practice, and creating a positive school environment within the school and in connection with the larger school community.  Throughout the school year, you will be hearing about specific ways that these areas are being addressed in a proactive fashion.  From the continued work of the district wide Curriculum Council (Focusing on providing effective academic intervention services as well as advanced programming options) to the various community outreach initiatives (i.e. participation in the regional Campaign for Grade Level Reading initiative), Oxford will be offering numerous examples of our commitment to creating a foundation for long term success.  

Another prominent ingredient essential to our success in the 2018-19 school year is once again the theme of opportunity.  Our goal is to provide students with every reasonable opportunity to expand upon their learning, and to encourage them to take advantage of the wealth of experiences available to them.  Opportunity sometimes arrives on our doorstep, but more often than not, it is up to us to create a new and exciting path to success.  Our school is fully committed to being the model district in terms of creating opportunities for our students.  Throughout the upcoming year, you will be hearing much more about some of the exciting initiatives and programs that continue to be developed in our district – Work-Based Learning, the district Pathways initiative, Blackhawk Box School Readiness outreach, Student Leadership programs, etc.   Make no mistake about it, Oxford is rapidly establishing a reputation as a leading district in our region when it comes to creating innovative, exciting opportunities for learning.  We expect to be the best, and will continue to work in collaboration with the larger community to make our goal a reality.  

In order to maintain and expand opportunities, communication and collaboration (another prominent theme) must be a primary focus of everything we do.  Opportunities and innovative ideas are useful only if people are aware they exist, and we are committed to working with families, regional businesses and educational institutions in order to fully realize our collective potential as a community.  Starting in September, Oxford Academy will be launching a twice monthly electronic newsletter.  This is not intended to replace our traditional newsletter, but rather, to serve as a supplement to it.  Having a method of communicating on such a frequent basis will allow us to share new and exciting information that you might normally not have access to.   We hope you find it to be beneficial!

Finally, the theme of high expectations will be front and center in everything we do.  We are committed to fostering a culture in which we expect the very best from ourselves and those around us.  These expectations require a strong sense of accountability to one another as well.  What is our individual role in making Oxford the premier school community in our region?  By focusing on creating and seizing opportunity, communicating effectively with one another, and accepting the level of individual accountability necessary to maintain a culture of high expectations, we will successfully tackle the many challenges that lie ahead.  I am confident that together we are up for the challenge, and I look forward to working with you to continue to make Oxford THE place to be! 

Shawn Bissetta, Superintendent

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