High School Yearbook

High School Yearbook


September 12, 2018  

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It’s your favorite time of the year! Your child is finally a senior. You never thought this day would come and now it is time to show your child just how proud of him/her you are. What better way to show your child than with a personal ad to place in the 2019 Yearbook?  The deadline is March 22, 2019.  Pricing is as follows:

Full page ad                        $140.00

½ page ad                            $70.00  

¼ page ad                            $45.00  

1/8 page ad                        $25.00 (business card size)

Guidelines for submitting photos are as follows; for digital pictures, the higher the resolution, the better quality the photo will be. We typically would like to see a picture taken with the resolution setting of 1280 x 960 or higher to ensure a clear image. If the photo is a hard copy that is being scanned, please make certain the scanner is set at a minimum of 300 dpi. If you would prefer we scan these photos for you, send them to us at the high school, care of Melissa Gross, and we will scan them and return them to you undamaged, in a timely manner. Please note: the number of photos you can use depends on the size of ad purchased. When choosing photos for your ad, please limit the number of photos to the following:

For a full page ad, no more than 10-15 pictures should be submitted. This gives you enough space to include your special message to your senior without looking crowded.

For a half page ad, no more than 5 or 6 pictures, depending on how large you would like the images to be and how long your message is to your senior. With this number of pictures, we can include up to 100 words.

A quarter page is the equivalent to two business cards and can contain 2 or 3 images along with a message of 50 words. You can have a longer message if you are not including photos.

The business card size is perfect for a single picture with a message of up to 30 words or up to 50 words with no picture.

Show that you are proud of your fantastic senior, place your recognition ad today!

Thank you!

Oxford Blackhawk Yearbook Staff


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