…It’s About Community - Superintendent Hillis

               As I stood outside on our first day of school, watching our students unload and make their way into the building, I got the chance to take in the totality of what was transpiring.  From the perspective of an administrator with the utmost respect for the distinctive culture of a place that has steadily become a bedrock in the Oxford community; I was both impressed and proud to be part of it.

               I saw students and teachers, staff members and parents coming together to accomplish a shared objective.  The school became a place of gathering and a place where we all converged for the same purpose; to support each other as we met to further our common cause, the education and development of our students.

                 Over time, there will be dozens of such opportunities.  We will gather for the drop offs and the pick-ups, for sporting events and the extra-curriculars, meetings and community functions. We will converse about many different topics and our collective areas of interest.  But a common theme running through our dialogue will be about coming together as a tightly woven community to understand who we are, where we’ve been, and where we need to go. 

               Consequently, we need to encourage all students, parents and community members to become involved in this cause and to explore the many opportunities available to support the growth of academic achievement in our schools.   Our collective experiences will encourage growth and discovery and should foster exciting opportunities to enhance our community and to find new strengths.

               For years, research has shown that students who learn in an environment where community support and teamwork are abundant will perform at higher levels than in places where those attributes are lacking.  Therefore, it’s our hope that together, we can encourage everyone to stay actively involved in helping us achieve these goals.   Welcome back everyone.  

John Hillis, Superintendent

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