RoboRave! April 6, 2019

RoboRAVE-NY welcomes regional and global teams of all ages and experience levels  for an open platform robotics competition coming to Oxford Academy on April 6, 2019


"One, two, three, WOW!"

You will be hearing that a lot at Saturday's competition, where RoboRAVE International Director Russ Fisher-Ives says we want players to play and coaches to coach and parents to cheer. "It's not about watching," he said yesterday shortly after arriving in Oxford. "It's about sitting down with the kids, getting on eye level. Any success they're having is seeing that wow, it works! Robots fall over sometimes, they fall apart sometimes, but kids don't panic. They built it, and they can put it back together."

Now in 21 countries (and Oxford, New York), Fisher-Ives stated that RoboRAVE's real message is collaboration: "This program includes both education AND competition because we need to get kids to play nicely. We've learned that this resonates well with parents and teachers everywhere. How do we get better at what we do? With teamwork and sharing. We are opening up an incredible door. Parents, teachers, and students will see it's not hard to do, it's fun, and there are all sorts of levels of challenges to play in. Beginner? No problem. Upper level? We've got it!"

Come to see, come to cheer, and come to support. Kids are powerful and growing!


8:00 am - 9:45 am: Check in and practice

9:00 am: Track Monitors meeting with Russ Fisher-Ives

10:00 am: Opening Ceremony

Post-ceremony till about 3:30 pm: competition, scoring, and tournaments (all teams eligible)

About 3:30 pm: Awards/prizes and Closing Ceremony


Media Contacts:

Kathryn Rutz

Public Information Specialist, DCMO-BOCES; cell, 607-725-2488

Mark Muller

RoboRAVE-NY co-founder, Oxford Academy teacher; 607-843-2025

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