Hall of Distinction

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Hall of Distinction

Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction
The Oxford Academy and Central School District takes great pride and honor in announcing the 2024 honorees for its Hall of Distinction. Congratulations to Heather Ferrarese (1991), Paul Tytler (1979), Dennis Walsh (1972) and Charlie Stratton (1972).

These honorees have made a variety of outstanding contributions either to the broader community by making a difference in the lives of others, to their profession through achievement in their chosen fields, and/or to the school while accomplishing significant achievement as a student at Oxford Academy.
On Friday, July 26th, these prominent members of the Oxford Academy and Central School extended community will be celebrated at a social/dinner and an award ceremony opened to the general public. Please save the date.  More information will be forthcoming.

(Please note:  Dr. Linda Powell (Small) (1981) will be recognized at the 2025 Hall of Distinction ceremony.)

The Hall of Distinction was created to recognize and celebrate Oxford Academy for the accomplishments of Oxford Academy graduates and to inspire students to current and future success.
Selection Criteria:  Individuals eligible for selection to the OA Hall of Distinction will have exemplified the tenets of OA’s educational philosophy throughout their lives, will have been out of high school for at least 10 years and will meet one of the following:
  • Outstanding social contribution to the broader community by making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Outstanding professional contribution to, or achievement in, their field of endeavor.
  • Outstanding achievement while a student at Oxford Academy.

The Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction Coordinating Committee encourages community members to make a nomination for inclusion into the Hall of Distinction. Criteria and nomination forms can be found on the Oxford Academy website at www.oxac.org (click on the “District” tab and then “Hall of Distinction”).  Nominations are due by November 1st of each year.

Hall of Distinction 2023

Joyce Ardron
Mary E. Parker Audrain
Neil Bartle
Jeanne Marshman
Francis Wilcox

Joyce (Bliven) Ardron – Class of 1948
Joyce (Bliven) Ardron is a 1948 graduate of Oxford Academy and Central Schools and a 1949 graduate of Eastman Dental Dispensary, Rochester, NY as a Dental Hygienist. She married Ralph A. Ardron, Jr. in 1953 (he passed away in 2015). Joyce has 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. 
She worked outside of the home as a dental hygienist for Dr. Crouch and for OACS and worked at NBT Bank as a proofreader. Joyce also babysat children at her home with the assistance of her sister. 
Joyce is a communicant of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Oxford and a member of their Altar Guild, ECW, choir and assisted with monthly dinners, bake sales, Applefest, Christmas Baskets, etc. She is also a member of Church Women United of Oxford and volunteered for many of their events which included preparation of the Thanksgiving dinner held each year at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. In 2017, Joyce received a Certificate from the Church Women United of Oxford recognizing her with gratitude for the many years of dedicated service to their organization and to the Oxford community. During their children’s school years, she (and Ralph) were involved in their extracurricular activities and in 1986 received a plaque from the Oxford Blackhawk Marching Band for their dedicated service. 
She also served on the Board of Directors for Chenango County Habitat for Humanity and was involved in their fund raising events. Joyce was a member of the Community Band (she played trombone) and enjoyed being a poll worker for National and local elections. She devoted many hours to the success of the Taste-n-See Soup Kitchen and continues to be involved by way of washing their dish clothes, towels, and aprons. In 2002, Joyce was chosen as Volunteer of the Year by United Way; in 2011, she received the DeWitt Clinton Masonic Award for Community Service; and in 2018 she was recognized as Citizen of the Year by the Oxford Lions Club. 

Joyce wanted to further help those individuals and families in need and in 1983 opened the Oxford Community Clothes Closet under the auspices of the FISH program (Friends in Service Here). In 1990, the FISH program was phased out and the Clothes Closet partnered with Church Women United of Oxford to help support the Oxford Food Pantry. The Clothes Closet has been housed in many places such as St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, the Methodist Church, Oxford Memorial Library, Oxford United Church, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, and downtown Oxford. Initially, clothing items were delivered to Joyce’s home where she sorted them out, washed some if it was necessary and delivered them (with the assistance of Ralph) to the Clothes Closet to be displayed for sale. In 2009 they began selling household items in addition to the clothing and changed the name to Common Cents Thrift Shop. They are now in their permanent location in a building on Route 12 which they purchased. A monetary pledge is given monthly to the Oxford Food Pantry and to the McDonough Food Pantry. They also accept referrals from ministers, Social Services and government officials for free items to victims of fire, flood, etc. The Thrift Shop continues to be an all-volunteer organization which makes everyone feel very proud to help and support others. 
We commend Joyce for her dedication and wisdom to care enough about her community to initiate such an undertaking and we honor her with this lasting tribute of being added to the Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction. 
Neil Bartle – Class of 1964
Neil Bartle, a 1964 Oxford Academy graduate, has deep roots: He lived in the same house for 42 years, built businesses, and raised a family in Oxford.  Although Neil Bartle and his wife Linda now spend time in South Carolina near their youngest daughter and her family, he was clearly shaped by our community and has spent a lifetime giving back.
After graduation he served in the US Army until discharge in 1968 as a Specialist/5. Back in Oxford he worked for D.W. Bartle Coal and Oil, hauling coal from the mines in Pennsylvania. In 1971, that business was sold to Reese-Baldwin Oil in Norwich and he managed their Oxford division until 1979. When his friend Dave Emerson invited him to join as a partner in Thompson Fuel Service of Oxford – now Blueox Energy– they worked hard to grow the business from 4 employees to over 200. For the past 26 years he’s been CEO of the company, providing fuel resources and employment to many across our region. 
In addition to his professional contributions to the energy needs of our community, Neil’s deep well of talents and resourcefulness poured into organizations across our area. Neil earned Oxford Lions Citizen of the Year and Lion of the Year awards as capstones to his over half-century of service to the Oxford Lions Club. As a member of the Methodist Church, he was a trustee and 3-year Chairman of the Administrative Committee. Neil served on the Riverview Cemetery Board, and is a member of Oxford’s American Legion post. 
A businessman who knows the importance of resources needed to do the next good thing, he helped found the Oxford Area Community Fund. Together with David, Mary El, Tom, and Bonnie Emerson, Neil and Linda started this fund “with the intent of being able to give back to the community that we all hold so dear.”
In a reflection of the diversity of his interests and skills, Neil also served in various leadership capacities on a number of boards for years: Chenango Memorial Hospital Trustee (14 years), Chenango Memorial Hospital Foundation Board (10 years), Chenango County Association for the Disabled (28 years), Chenango County IDA, Lounsberry Real Estate Partnership, Chenango Mutual Insurance Company, North Country Insurance Company (currently Vice-President), Educational Opportunities for Chenango, the Chenango Traffic Safety Council, and an array of trade associations. The Baden Powell Council Boy Scouts of America Award also named him the Chenango County Citizen of the Year. 
You can take the measure of a person by their accomplishments, but even more telling is what they have to say about their work. “Seldom do we take time to reflect on the past,” Neil wrote recently, “so thanks for getting me to do that. I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to learn so much from so many wonderful people that I have served with for so many years–and the Emersons top the list. I always seemed to do things the hard way, but what I have learned along the way has been priceless – way beyond Business 101.” Neil’s greatest blessing, however, has been those closest to him: Linda, Jared, Ashley, and their families, as well as Krista who is no longer with us. 
Neil is recognized, with gratitude, for honoring his roots through hard work and decades of service to our community. 
Jeanne Marshman – Class of 1964
Jeanne Marshman was born and raised in Oxford, the daughter of Dr. William and Mrs. Helen Mayhew. She attended Oxford Academy and Central School, graduating in 1964. After her very successful high school years, she went on to SUNY Oswego where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Art. Following graduation Jeanne and Dan Marshman were married and Jeanne began many years of being involved with, and supporting Dan’s numerous agricultural endeavors. In addition she became very active in the Lion’s Club where her community service began. 
Jeanne has devoted her life to children through teaching. She began her career in Greene, NY teaching for five years in both Kindergarten and 2nd grade. She then moved on to Oxford where she spent the next thirty-three years teaching at the Primary School. From the beginning at the Primary School she was never able to get out of the first grade. She taught regular first for ten years and then the innovative “pre first” for the next twenty three years. She was influential and helpful in developing and starting up the Developmental Education Program that provided a strong beginning for many students. In addition, Jeanne created the Blackhawk Box program for three and four olds who would soon be entering school. It was a “school readiness” box filled with books, activities and materials to be shared with children by their parents. She prepared the boxes and invited parents in to explain how to use the “Box” and its contents. She was loved by her students and is still making student friends and connections by continuing, since her retirement in 2006, to substitute. 
Jeanne is also devoted to her two children, Travis and Danielle, and her grandchildren, Troy, Thomas and Elizabeth. 
When Jeanne was teaching she would always quietly provide for students in need. That has been a mainstay in her life. She continues to find people in need and provide what she can to help. She has delivered flowers and food to shut-ins, provided rides, made memorial items for friend’s loved ones, and is supportive of school and community events and activities. She provides a very needed service by delivering Community Soup Kitchen dinners every week, being sure to check on the welfare of the recipients each time. 
Jeanne is what we would call, without a doubt, a “Super Helper!”
Mary E. Parker Audrain – Class of 1935
Mary E. Parker was born in Oxford, Chenango County, New York on December 24, 1917.  She was the youngest of three daughters born to Charles Joel and Florence VanWagenen Parker.  Mary attended Oxford schools and graduated from Oxford Academy in June 1935.  She went on to Russell Sage College in Troy, New York where she earned her teaching degree and graduated in 1939.  Following her graduation from Russell Sage College, Mary taught at the Westover School in Middlebury, Connecticut.
Russell Sage College yearbook, Sage Leaves, described Mary as, “To a stranger, the sophisticate, To a person who knows her, the charm and freshness of a natural personality.”  It goes on, “Jovial laughter with Style, Tall and Lanky with grace – a true impression of earnestness.”
On March 26, 1943, Mary decided to enter a new phase of her life.  To help with the war effort and support the demand for women in the services, Mary joined the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots), a new corps of pilots in the Army Air Forces, that eventually provided 1,100 trained women pilots for the war effort.  Mary entered the fifth class of the WASP and completed 27 weeks of AAF flight training at the WASP training base at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas.  Mary earned her silver wings on September 11, 1943.  Among the 124 entering her flight training class, she was among the 85 graduates and graduated as class flight leader.
A typical training day at Avenger Field began at 6am and ended at 10pm. The WASPs cleaned their barracks for inspection, marched, then completed physical and drill training, flight instruction in link trainers, basic, or advanced aircraft, and studied weather, navigation, physics, math, and aircraft and engines, among other subjects. After completing the WASP training program, Mary was chosen to be among only 13 WASPs to complete flight training in the four-engine B-17 “Flying Fortress” at Lockbourne Air Force Base in Columbus, Ohio. She went on to fly Fortresses for gunnery training and crew cohesion for crews heading for missions overseas.  The WASPs flew over 60 million miles in the short time they were in service to their country and flew all types of AAF aircraft.
In June 1944, Congress voted to disband the WASP program as of December and Mary traded in her WASP uniform for another one – an American Red Cross uniform and served with the American Red Cross on Tinian Island.  American Forces had supported the Battle of Tinian Island in July 1944 and by August 10, 1944, the battle was won.  While Mary was based on Tinian, three airfields were built that provided air support in the Pacific war, including B-29s that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Red Cross workers served as field directors providing recreational and compassionate support for the troops, operated clubs, and were attached to military hospitals.
After Mary’s work with the American Red Cross, she moved to New York City where she worked as a buyer at Macy’s Department story and became personnel director for Macy’s, the equivalent today of Vice President for Human Resources.
On March 13, 1954, she returned to the chapel of the Westover School to marry Lawrence A. Audrain, editor of Print magazine in New York.  Sadly, Lawrence died on September 9, 1957, only 3 1/2 years after their marriage.  Mary remained in New York City as personnel director at Macy’s and then at Allied Stores, and on July 28, 1973, she died of heart complications at the age of 55 years.  She and Lawrence are buried in the Van Wagenen Cemetery in Oxford, NY.
The women pilots of the WASP program were never entitled the same benefits of our military men until 1976 when Senator Barry Goldwater and Congresswoman Lindy Boggs presented a bill to Congress asking that these heroines be given the same status as their male counterparts.  The bill passed and was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on September 10, 1976.  As a result, Mary is now entitled to have a veteran’s memorial marker on her grave.  In July 2009, the Women Airforce Service Pilots were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for their World War II service.  Fly high 1st Lieut. Mary E. Parker, you definitely earned your wings.
Francis Wilcox – Class of 1964
Francis Wilcox, a 1964 graduate of Oxford Academy, was very active in the total music program that was provided during his high school career. He was an excellent musician, enjoyed singing in the chorus and took advantage of all the musical experiences that his church offered. Following graduation, Francis traveled north to Potsdam State and enrolled in the Crane School of Music. Founded in 1886, SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music has established a long legacy of excellence in music education and performance. At Potsdam his instrument of choice was the organ and he was involved in all areas of the music program. 
Subsequently, Francis enlisted in the Army and serviced his country for five years. Wilcox became a Chief Warrant Officer, Band Master in the Army and was stationed at Fort Devens in Massachusetts. At Fort Devens his group traveled throughout the New England states performing concerts, parades, military memorial services, dedications, and military funerals.
From 1973 to 1980, Francis taught at Cambridge City School, outside of Boston, directing the high school band and orchestras. In 1980 Francis returned to New York and starting teaching at Morris Central Schools. In 1982 he returned to Oxford Academy and continued the high traditions of the Oxford band. At Oxford Wilcox displayed his musical skills in many different ways. He endeavored to have the students perform locally in support of the school system as well as taking a major yearly trip to perform outside the Chenango Valley. The band played at a Hall of Fame baseball game in Cooperstown, journeyed to Philadelphia to play for the Phillies, traveled to New York City to perform at the Statue of Liberty and Lincoln Center, played at the Quincy Market in Boston, entertained audiences in Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, and performed at several amusement parks in Ohio and Toronto, Canada. These trips enabled the students of Oxford to expand their horizons and exposed them to another part of the state and country that they have never experienced. Furthermore, Wilcox continued to use the best educational practices in music to develop fine musicians. He established a rigorous music program that emphasized promoting and inspiring the development of good musicians. Many times, this skill set carried over to their adult lives. 
After retirement Francis continued his own development by attending art school at the Munson-Proctor Institution. There he worked in acrylics and concentrated on depicting the agricultural history of the state. Moreover, he received an Associate Degree in Fine Arts from Mohawk Valley Community College. In order to enhance his skills, Francis traveled to Tuscany, Italy and England and participated in numerous seminars. From these visits he became acquainted with the “Christmas Markets” concept, where local artisans would sell and display their works during the Christmas season. With the assistance of the friends of “Six on the Square” and others he along with fellow artisans have established a Christmas Market in Oxford. 
In 1976, Wilcox started the Oxford Community Band and retired from the directorship in 2018. The community band entertained residents of Oxford on the park during the summer months for many years. Additionally, he is still performing at the United Church of Oxford and at other services for local churches.
It has been stated that, “Art is a way to express our emotions and feelings. It can be used to communicate ideas and thoughts; it can be used as a tool for self-expression, used as a form of therapy, or even as a means to find beauty in life.” Francis Wilcox’s contributions epitomize this quote … he has inspired and educated generations of Oxford youth. Through his art and music Francis Wilcox has given much to his school and community.

Hall of Distinction 2022

2022 HOD honorees

Pamela Chesebro
Thomas Loughren
Dr. Craig Reynold
John Jackson
Terry Stark

          Inductee John Jackson
          Inductee Terry Stark

Pam Chesebro – Class of 1977
Pam Lashway Chesebro is a person who quietly goes about serving her community and takes joy in knowing that her work makes a difference in people’s lives. Pam started working at the Oxford Soup Kitchen In January 2017 with inside seating serving 25 people the first week which rapidly grew to 75. When the COVID 19 pandemic  struck in 2020, Chenango County Catholic Charities reached out to her and asked if the soup kitchen could make lunches for the community and they would arrange for them to be delivered to those in need. In April 2020 Pam, and her loyal group of volunteers, stepped up to the challenge and began to serve 4 lunches per week in addition to  two night time meals they were already serving, providing 200 meals each time. The noon time meals continued until September of 2020, however, two night time meals were continued until June 2021. During all of that time only 1 meal menu was served more than once! Presently the kitchen serves 200 meals per week on Thursday’s, with 80 of those being delivered to the homebound. All of these meals are made from scratch.
Pam is a communicant of St. Paul’s in Oxford and serves as their treasurer as well and serving on Altar Guild and Vestry. Her connection with St. Paul’s was key to the re-opening of the Oxford Soup Kitchen after illness made it impossible for the prior volunteer to continue. 
Pam is the youngest of 10 children and grew up on the family farm on Scouten Hill Road. Her upbringing of working hard and learning to cook for large groups of people from her mother has served her well for the work she currently does. Pam graduated from Oxford Academy in June 1977. Soon after that she married her husband, Craig. Together they chose to remain in Oxford to raise their family of 6. (Sarah, Jeff, Justin, Jason, Jonathan and Jaden), all who also attended Oxford Academy. In addition they are blessed with 19 grandchildren, the oldest graduating from Oxford in June 2021. 
Pam is grateful for the education she received at Oxford Academy and gives thanks especially to Darryl Lanning and Shirley Detweiler who instilled the knowledge that led to her employment with the NYS Veterans Home in the Business/Billing offices. After 40 years of service she retired in April of 2019 as a Principle Clerk in charge of the Medicaid and Private Pay Billing for the four NYS Veterans Homes. Pam is currently employed by Catholic Charities of Chenango County and manages the Roots & Wings division, which is their food pantry and thrift store. She has devoted her life to helping others in the communities she serves and plans to continue to do so until she no longer is able. 
Dr. Craig Reynolds – Class of 1982
A 1982 graduate of Oxford Academy and Central School, Craig was a standout athlete in three sports that he participated in. In football, Craig started his varsity career four games into his freshmen campaign and lead the Blackhawks to a 25 – 6 record over his career. Craig quarterbacked two undefeated Blackhawk squads (1979 and 1981.) As a point guard for Oxford, Craig was an All-Sus and Evening Sun All County player and scored 755 points. On the diamond, Reynolds was an exceptional short-stop and helped to lead the Blackhawks to a Section IV title. While doing all of this Craig graduated valedictorian of his class and decided to attend Cornell University to work on his career in medicine. 
Furthermore, Dr. Reynolds was recognized in 2014 for all his athletic accomplishments during his high school career by being selected for inclusion into the Section IV Athletic Hall of Fame. Dr. Reynolds stated that all of his coaches and teachers at Oxford provide him with many life lessons with hard work being the most important. Coach Tony Abbott had this to say about Reynolds, “Craig was a very athletic and intelligent quarterback. He was like having another coach on the field. He certainly played a large role in the success of all of the athletic teams that he participated on.”
Following graduation from Cornell University in 1986, Craig attended Upstate Medical School. Dr. Reynold graduated from Upstate Medical School in 1990 with honors in anatomy and pharmacology and in the top 10th percentile on the National Medical Boards part 1. In 1991, he did a surgery internship at the Upstate University Hospital. Dr. Reynolds became part of medical history at the Upstate Medical Center by providing anesthesia service for the first awake craniotomy. His resume includes serving as Staff Anesthesiologist at Auburn Community Hospital from 1996 to 2004. Subsequently, he commenced work at Upstate University Community Campus as Staff Anesthesiologist from 2004 to present. Furthermore, he is Chief of Anesthesia at the North Country Orthopedic ASC and the Central New York Fertility Center. Dr. Reynolds was also instrumental in establishing the Regional Block Clinic at Syracuse Orthopedic Specialist Outpatient Surgery Center. 
Dr. Reynolds stated that his philosophy about being a doctor was simply that he was going to make his profession as a doctor benefit the community that he lives in. Additionally, he indicates that there is no better thing in life to do than to help people in their time of need. He asserts, “that is the reason that he practices medicine all day every day.” He expressed that Oxford Academy teachers gave him great life and educational skills that enabled him to do what he has done as a doctor. In addition, he indicated that the best honor that he has had is the fact that the nurses, doctors and other people in his workplace have expressed that if they ever need surgery that Dr. Reynolds perform their anesthesia. It is an honor and privilege to welcome Dr. Craig Reynolds on to the Oxford Academy and Central Schools Hall of Distinction.
Dr. Reynolds and his wife, Jeannine, have two daughters together, Baylee and Courtney, as well as Thomas and Madison in their combined family.  The Reynolds live in Syracuse, NY.
Thomas Loughren – Class of 1970
Tom Loughren started his career in law enforcement as a cadet at the Chenango County Sheriff’s office in 1971 under the watchful eye of Sheriff Joseph Benenati, who would have a lasting impact on Tom’s career in the field of law enforcement. In 1972, Loughren joined the Chenango County Police Department at 20 years of age and eventually worked his way up the ranks to being Sheriff of Chenango County in 1992. He attended Mohawk Valley Community College receiving many credits in the field of police science and graduated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice.
As the County Sheriff, he served 21 communities and supervised the County Correctional Facility, County 911 Communication Center, the Civil Department, and the County Emergency Management Center. Additionally, he directed all law enforcement activities of patrols, K-9, snowmobile and navigation patrols and worked on numerous investigations that helped to ensure the safety and well-being of all the people in the county. As the Sheriff he was very active in community activities serving as a public speaker and speaking to all segments of the community on the best practices in the area of crime prevention.
Tom has certainly arrested many treacherous and unsafe criminals in his career but takes most pride in creating the Sheriff’s Summer Camp Program for youth in Chenango County between the ages of 9 to 12 in 1996. Tom indicated that as he was serving on the New York State Sheriff’s Camp Committee he became very disenchanted with the fact that only 12 kids from the county could be sent to the state’s camp yearly. Thus, Loughren started Camp Thompson as a residential facility located in Smyrna for approximately 250 to 400 boys and girls in the county each summer. The Camp is still serving the children of the county with an opportunity to enjoy a week camping experience in a beautiful location.
Following his term as Sheriff, Loughren journeyed to Miami, Florida to assume the position of Chief of Police of the Miccosukee Police Department. There he managed a force of 60 and operations for all law enforcement and security of 3 separate federally regulated Indian Reservations of the Miccosukee Indian Tribe. His work included overseeing a resort and gaming facility. While serving in the Miccosukee Police Force, he was named the Miccosukee Police Department Officer of the Year.
Tom came back to Chenango County in 2011 to become Chief of Security for Chobani. There he headed the planning, training, hiring and implementation of a new full-service Corporate Security Force. In 2013, Loughren became the commissioner of the New York State Commission of Correction. As commissioner, he oversees and regulates state prisons, county jails, secure juvenile facilities and local police department lock ups, including facilities within the city of New York. The commission has the mission to provide for a safe, stable and humane correctional system in New York State. 
Tom should be commended for an outstanding career in law enforcement and dedication to the safety and well-being of the community that he serves. 
Tom presently resides on Steer Pond with his wife Donna. The couple are the proud parents of 6 children with several grandchildren.
Terry Stark -– Class of 1966
Terry Stark grew up here and graduated from Oxford Academy in 1966, after which he was quickly drafted into the US Army. He earned the rank of Sergeant, and was on active and reserve service for 6 years. While in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, Terry was on the Mobile Riverine Force of the 9th Infantry Division. His service later found him in Fort Knox, Kentucky; Nuremberg, Germany; and the Norwich, NY Reserve. Terry’s awards include the Vietnam Service Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Army Commendation Medal, Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf clusters, Unit Citation, and more.
Upon returning to Oxford, Terry graduated from BCC and started work with Norwich-Eaton Pharmaceuticals/Procter & Gamble that continued for 20 years. At this time he also earned his Bachelor of Science in Business at Utica College of Syracuse University. 
Following Procter & Gamble, Terry’s professional achievements included new opportunities at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield where he advanced to Corporate Vice President of Human Resource Services. He later worked with the 2004 US Presidential Campaign on local planning and voter turnout for Central Florida counties.
Because service to the community has always been a priority for Terry, he also served on the Oxford Village Board for 10 years before being elected Mayor. Now in his 20th year leading the village, his contributions have been enduring. Terry secured many grants to enrich the village beautification of parks and trees, sidewalk projects, restoration of the Village Hall, and new equipment for the fire and police departments. He works closely with county officials on development boards, and locally as a member of the Oxford Industrial Development Association.
Terry’s understanding of infrastructure and maintenance led to stewardship over a number of capital projects completed or now in progress, including water well development, the Main Street bridge replacement, wastewater plant upgrade, a water main improvement project, and riverbank erosion revetments.
His vision and commitment to quality of life and our area’s greatest asset – its people – is seen in other meticulous and ambitious projects.  Community Comprehensive Vision Planning accomplished with other area leaders helped develop thoughtful, actionable, detailed plans for prudently shaping our community’s future. Some of that work included partnership with this school district, including support for students’ work-based learning. Participating Oxford Academy graduates gained meaningful work experience through the Village that benefited Oxford, and helped Blackhawks choose professional pathways. His annual visits to the 4th grade to talk about local government were especially interesting to some of our youngest Blackhawks. As you can imagine, they had questions and Mayor Stark always answered.
Other benefits to the community included his collaboration with the local Farmers Market Group on Farmers Market Site Development, the outcome of which has become one of the most robust, beautifully situated farmers markets in the region. His commitment to village green space also includes springtime planting for parks and planters, and supported upgrades to Lafayette Park. Terry and others have more in mind for the long-term too, including Community Trail Design Development.
Other kinds of Terry’s community service include his 41-year membership in the Oxford Rotary Club, annual organizing of Oxford Alumni Association reunions each summer, and membership in the American Legion. He has also served in varying capacities for the Development Chenango Corporation and Chenango Housing Improvement.
Terry and his wife are proud parents of two children and six grandchildren.
For his service to his country and his diverse, long-lasting contributions to his community, we are proud to welcome Terry Stark to the Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction.
John Jackson -– Class of 1986
The power and importance of education is well known to John A. Jackson, an Oxford Academy member of the Class of 1986. While a student, John was a member of the National Honor Society and a Student Council Officer. He also earned accolades as a student-athlete, including Sus-League Most Valuable Player, Most Outstanding Basketball Player in Chenango County, and First-Team League All-Star.  JJ then played basketball collegiately at SUNY Delhi where he received Academic All-American status.
John transferred to Cornell University to earn his B.S. in Animal Sciences, and worked at the Cornell University Large Animal Hospital as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. A keen interest in the sciences led to further study at SUNY Cortland where he earned his master's degree, an M.A.T. in Biological Science Education, and Life Sciences teaching certification. 
His inspired teaching career started at New Berlin, now the Unadilla Valley Central School District, and includes Adjunct Professorship through SUNY Albany and Tompkins Cortland Community College. John teaches biology, biotechnology/microbiology, genetics, anatomy/physiology and more in both high school and concurrent college courses. 
Notably, John was selected to join the New York State Master Teacher Program, a vibrant network of outstanding public school teachers who share a passion for STEM learning and collaboration. In this capacity, he’s led presentations at Binghamton University, SUNY Oneonta, and SUNY Cortland while working with students who aspire to teach science, technology, engineering, and math to the next generation of STEM leaders.
Providing a rigorous education isn’t John’s only contribution to students’ growth and success. He is also committed to supporting their interests and being a bright light in his school’s social and academic culture. He’s led 21 whale watch trips to Boston with his Environmental Club, acted as class advisor across numerous grades, created a faculty band called “Storm Surge” in which he sings and plays guitar, directed senior plays, performed in various school and community musicals, coordinated Science Fairs and Spirit Weeks, was invited to be guest speaker for graduation and National Honor Society ceremonies, coached numerous community and school sports, served as a high school baseball umpire and Gus Macker tournament basketball official, and is the “Voice of Unadilla Valley.”
For his efforts and dedication to youth, John was recognized as an Honorary Member of the Congressional Youth Leadership Council as an Outstanding Educational Leader and Mentor. He was named the UVCS Teacher of the Year, MAC League Coach of the Year, and NYS Class C Assistant Coach of the Year, and also received both Scholar Recognition and Excellence in Environmental Education Awards.
John gives credit to his former teachers at Oxford Academy for their wise inspiration. His experience at Oxford Academy was filled with people who nurtured, cared for, and encouraged their students, he affirms. His entire teaching career has been spent paying it forward to the thousands of students he’s taught, coached, and advised over the years.
There is no question that his lifelong dedication to students has had a positive impact in the lives of our next generation of leaders and within our communities. We are proud indeed that John has always used his clear vision, humor, creativity, bold approach to life, commitment, and energy in service to others.
John and his wife Terri live in Norwich, NY, and raised two accomplished children, Kaitlyn and Andrew.

The Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction Coordinating Committee encourages community members to make a nomination for inclusion into the Hall of Distinction. Criteria and nomination forms can be found on the Oxford Academy website at www.oxac.org (click on the “District” tab and then “Hall of Distinction”).  Nominations are due by November 1st of each year.

Hall of Distinction 2020 (celebrated 2021)

2020 Hall of Distinctin Honorees

 John Tracy

Margo (McGowan) Barrows

Commander Heather Shattuck

James Markovich

Colonel Matthew Redding

Margo Barrows
Oxford Academy has had a large number of excellent female student/athletes and Margo ranks right at the top of this illustrious list. Growing up on a dairy farm and working with horses taught her how to work and apply herself in whatever she did. She demanded excellence from herself in the classroom and on the playing courts and fields. In high school Barrows was named to the Who’s Who Among American High School Students and selected to the National High School Honor Society. Additionally, she was active in the 4-H and showed and rode horses which resulted in her winning the 4-H Equestrian Award in 1993. Margo’s in your senior year playing basketball was named MVP in the Sus East League, in Chenango County by the Evening Sun and was selected to the All-Metro Team by the Binghamton Press.
She enjoyed a great academic and sports career in high school which carried over to her years at Ithaca College. At Ithaca in basketball she was a three time Empire Athletic Association All-Star, a two time ECAC Upstate All-Star and the EAA Player of the Year in 1998. Additionally, she helped to propel her team into a NCAA appearance which was the first time in the school’s history. In softball she was a First Team Academic All-Star and batted an astounding .389 during her senior year. All of these accomplishments resulted in her being inducted into the Ithaca College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016.
However, the primary reasons for her induction into the Oxford Academy’s Hall of Distinction is what she does in her classroom and for the community that she loves. She is an exceptional teacher and coach which resulted in Margo being recognized as the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 2019 Secondary Physical Education Teacher of the Year. Margo has a genuine interest in her students and will go the extra mile to help them to succeed. She is sometimes “tough” but always with the goal of assisting to better them. Furthermore, what makes her an exceptional person is that she is humble and is always ready to pay tribute to those who have facilitated her in her remarkable career. It is for these reasons that we honor Margo McGowan Barrows with this tribute.
James Markovich 
Jim graduated from Oxford Academy in 1994 as a distinguished student and athlete. He recalls that one of the lasting memories that he has pertaining to school is that his class was highly competitive but in a supportive manner. Additionally, he extols the virtue of having educators who demanded excellence and but who were also compassionate to their students.
Subsequently, he attended RPI and obtained a degree in mechanical engineering. Following a brief career in that field and after 911 Jim felt a duty to serve his country and joined the FBI. He attended the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and was assigned to the Washington, DC Field Office. There he was employed as a member of the SWAT Team, worked in dignitary protection, was involved in federal criminal investigations and numerous other activities that the FBI was engaged in to safeguard our country.
From Washington, DC, he transitioned to the Buffalo Field Office where he worked extensively in federal crimes involving the sexual exploitation of minors and the educating of our youth in proactive activities which would protect them from predators. In addition, his work entailed conducting training for state and local agencies in defensive tactic training, land navigation instruction and conducting training in interviewing and interrogating suspects. Presently, Markovich is working out of the Albany Field Office stationed in Ithaca. His main responsibilities include investigating federal crimes within the Ithaca area, conducting FBI polygraph examinations in support of criminal inquiries, national security probes, and employee matters. Jim has been working on providing online safety presentations for local schools and parent groups. Recently he performed such a training in the Oxford Academy and Central School. He stated that his main satisfaction is derived from feeling like he is making a difference in protecting the youth of the area. In addition, he feels a sense of fulfillment when he is able to eliminate a criminal from menacing the society. Jim and his wife, Bethany, live in Lansing and enjoy their two dogs. The Oxford Academy’s Hall of Distinction Committee feel honored and pleased to recognize Jim’s work and service to his community and country by placing him on our Wall of Fame.   
John Tracy 
John graduated from Oxford Academy in 1986. He is from a large family of six siblings. John’s dedication to his community started in 1986 when he joined the McDonough Fire Department and became an associate member of the Oxford Fire Department.  John is currently the Chief of the McDonough Fire Department, a position he has held twice, currently and from 1993-1995.
At the age of 26, John had the desire to support his McDonough community and ran for the Town Board councilmen position. He was elected for the first time in 1993 and has held this position for 27 years. While on the Town Board he has worked through many challenging situations, including tough budgets.  John continues to serve for the love of his community and has also offered to serve as the Town Supervisor when required.
Most of our community knows John from his ownership of Central Plumbing and Heating located in Oxford. He started this company in 1992 at the young age of 25.  For the past 28 years John’s business has flourished, providing essential services to his hometown community.  John receives phone calls at all hours of the night, Monday through Sunday, and is always available to those who need his assistance. If you have ever had a furnace go out, you know it never happens when the weather is sunny and nice.  John always rises to the occasion to help his neighbors.
John Tracy embodies the definition of civic responsibility. It is no surprise as John is from a long line of individuals who have given back to their communities. He is a sixth generation decedent of Uri Tracy who was the first principal of Oxford Academy, the first sheriff of Chenango County, the first postmaster of Oxford and the first judge of Chenango County. Uri was also elected to the United States House of Representatives as a member from New York for the Ninth, Eleventh and Twelfth Congresses.
For John’s dedication to his community, including his time and financial support of organizations and programs and never wanting to be acknowledged for any of his actions, we honor John Tracy with this lasting tribute of being added to the Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction. 
Colonel Matthew Redding 
Colonel Matthew Redding, Class of 1986, is recalled by classmates as a go-to class leader, an exemplary student and athlete, and a friend who was respected by everyone. “To say Matt is a person of the highest integrity would be an understatement,” read one of the four nominations submitted on his behalf. “Great heroes are made because of leaders like Matthew Redding.” Considering his significant career arc, the Oxford Academy community can be proud indeed.
After graduation, Colonel Redding attended St. Lawrence University from which he was commissioned in the US Army. His education subsequently included two Master’s degrees from the University of Maryland and the US Marine Corps  University, and a Certificate in Military Strategy from the US Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth. His more than 30 years of military service included four strategic level joint duty assignments, three combat tours, and operation as the Joint Transportation Executive Agent for US Transportation  Command in Europe and Africa as a regional Brigade Commander. A significant number of assignments were in critical operational roles overseas where his knowledge of coalition warfare was central to strategic goals. Colonel Redding performed demanding leadership position for soldiers in the 82nd Airborne Division, 3D Infantry Division, 101st Airborne Division, US Army Europe, NATO, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, and Army Staff. 

Recent assignments included Chief of Current Operations and Strategic Readiness, Department of the Army G4. His tour in the Pentagon included  disaster relief operations and emergent strategic crisis action planning as the lead logistics planner for the Army Staff. His Army career culminated in service as the Army Service Chairperson and Assistant Professor of National Security and Resource Strategy at the Eisenhower School, National Defense University, where his wealth of experience helped shape the next generation of strategic leaders.

His service to the country continues in his current position as Director of the National Integration Center at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, where he works to ensure that federal, state, and local resources are aligned to deal with any number of emergency situations.
Colonel Redding’s exemplary values, impeccable qualifications, and superior service warranted significant awards and decorations including Legion of Merit Medals (3), Bronze Star Medals (2), US Army Combat Action Badge, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Army Meritorious Service Medals (7), and Army Commendation and Achievement Medals (7).
Another of his nominations reads, “I don’t think there is a more solid and deserving candidate than Matthew Redding. He is a wonderful example of hard work and self sacrifice as well as being a wonderful role model for younger generations.” It is a privilege indeed to welcome him to the Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction.
Commander Heather Shattuck  
Heather Shattuck graduated from the Class of 1997, and stepped from that foundation to continued achievement and a career in Active Duty military service through nursing. A Commander of the US Navy Nurse Corps now assigned to the Navy Leadership and Ethics Center, Dam Neck Detachment, in Virginia Beach, she is still committed to learning and leading. Commander Shattuck progressed from Niagra University to  the University of Maryland and other Military Education course providers where she amassed an array of degrees, specializations, and certifications. There is no end to her commitment to advanced learning, demonstrated most recently by her earning a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Duke University in 2019. 

Commander Shattuck has served on the USNS Comfort in Iraq, and in hospitals and medical centers in Bethesda, Camp Lejeune, Annapolis, San Diego, Fort Belvoir, and Sigonella, Italy. The kinds of service she’s provided demonstrate the depth and breadth of her commitment to leadership and service.  She has served as Director of Medical Services, Emergency Department Head, and board-certified Nurse Practitioner. In her varying roles she has provided acute and chronic health care, fostered patient advocacy, supported innovation, and effectively managed systems and protocol to improve outcomes for patients. She taught clinical information and established programs during her varied assignments, and also volunteered in the MEDCAP program providing care to adults within the US Southern Command area of operations.
A constellation of awards and honors aligned with her advancing career. Degrees were won cum laude, and she earned  the National Collegiate Nursing, Vincentian Service, and Excellence in Clinical Practice Awards. Commander Shattuck was invited into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society, and Delta Epsilon Sigma. She also won the 2016 Geraldine B. Posner RN Memorial Award for Nursing Excellence (selected from among nominees across all services), the Society of Federal Health Professional 2016 Nurse of the Year Award, and The Daisy Nurse Leader Award in 2019.

The Military also decorated Commander Shattuck with two service medals, three commendation medals, three achievement medals, two overseas service ribbons, and a number of letters of commendation and appreciation.
Her warmth, intelligence, and powerful work ethic offered in the service of health care and this country show why Commander Shattuck is a welcome, worthy member of the Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction.

Hall of Distinction 2019

picture of the 5 people awarded the hall of distinction award
Lukas Korver
Richard O’Connor (John O’Connor (nephew) pictured)
Dr. Jennifer O’Reilly Anderson
Joel Crandall
Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Johnson

Lieutenant Colonel United States Air Force GREGORY JOHNSON, Class of 1981

Gregg Johnson is a professional aviator whose distinguished career has included military service, commercial flight, and community public service.

After studying at Daniel Webster College where he was a awarded an Air Force ROTC scholarship, he started his Air Force career. Gregg was Mission Director of a 35-person RC-135 crew on worldwide reconnaissance missions following his Navigator and Electronic Warfare Officer training. He was selected for USAF pilot training, and was hired by the USAF Reserves as a military heavy airlift pilot. Gregg flew missions in support of the President, relief operations for hurricanes, and special operations missions. He participated in operations in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, and flew the first C-5 into Baghdad during wartime. He has been Chief of Plans, Chief of Training, a C-5 Instructor, and C-17 Pilot.  Gregg finished his 26-year military career as a Planning Officer working with Joint Military Operations for exercises and real world operations in the Pacific region. At the time of his retirement Gregg was a commissioned Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force.

In his current civilian flying career, Gregg flies for Delta Airlines and has accumulated over 11,000 hours of flight time as a 717, 737, and DC-9 Captain, and a DC-9 First Officer. 

Here in Oxford, Gregg is the Board President for American Legion Post 376. He has been honored as the guest speaker for Memorial Day ceremonies, and also participates in military burial services for local veterans. He is also a Director of the American Bass Anglers Division 4. Gregg exemplifies the highest qualities of a distinguished graduate of Oxford Academy, and it is a privilege to recognize him in the Hall of Distinction.


JOEL CRANDALL, Class of 1986

Joel Crandall is a kinesiologist and exercise physiologist, owner of the PhysioCare Center in Los Angeles, and creator and developer of the VOILA Method, a structural assessment and treatment tool.

He graduated from SUNY Cortland where he was also a running back and kicker for their collegiate football program. He also earned certification from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in California. Joel went on to teach physical education at the California Academy of Math and Science. Later he supported Cirque Du Soleil as strength and conditioning coach for the “Iris” show based in Los Angeles and its 72 performers, which included Olympic athletes.

Joel has spent 27 years fine tuning and mastering innovation and advancement in kinesiology, exercise science, biomechanics, and structural joint balancing. He travels the world teaching the VOILA Method he developed, and empowering new VOILA Method practitioners. His work helps clients live healthier and pain-free lives.

His commitment to wellness, continued innovation in his field, and sharing knowledge earn Joel a place in the current class of Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction honorees.



Dr. Jennifer O’Reilly Anderson is a practicing Primary Care/Family Medicine Physician for the Bassett Clinic in Norwich, as well as the Medical Director for four clinic sites across the region. She also serves as Assistant Regional Medical Director for Bassett Healthcare, Medical Director for three local school districts including Oxford Academy, Attending Physician for in-person pediatrics and newborns at Fox Hospital, member of numerous medical boards for Bassett Hospital, and contributor to health and wellness initiatives in Chenango County. 

Dr. O’Reilly is also a featured panelist in the full-length documentary “Smacked,” an award-winning documentary about opioid abuse. She has received award recognition for her work surrounding the opioid crisis, and provides leadership to the Bassett Opioid Addiction Control committee. 

Dr. O’Reilly holds memberships in an array of honor and professional societies, and is the recipient of notable honors, including the Shannon Jenkins Teaching Award 2010, the SUNY Upstate Medical University Department of Family Medicine Paul Palmer/Ernest Carhart MD Award for Exemplifying the Ideals of Family Medicine. Many know her visible, loyal commitment to giving back to the Oxford community. 

As Oxford Academy’s Valedictorian of 1998, Dr. O’Reilly started with athletic and academic achievement, then pursued her studies at Elmira College and SUNY Upstate Medical University, as well as the University of Massachusetts/Worcester Family Medicine program. Her first stop after completion of her residency was Chenango County. Although she could have placed her medical practice anywhere, she chose to work and serve here at home. It is an honor to award Dr. O’Reilly a well-deserved seat in the Hall of Distinction for Oxford Academy.


RICHARD O’CONNOR, Class of 1926

Richard James O’Connor was one of seven children of John O’Connor and Elizabeth Cooke and graduated from Oxford Academy and Central School in 1926. Subsequently, Richard received his BS and MS from St Bonaventure College and entered the Franciscan Order in 1929, making his temporal vows in 1930, his solemn vows in 1933 and was ordained a priest in 1934. In addition, he studied philosophy and German at the Universities of Bonn and Munich, until the Second World War required him to return to the states. 

Upon returning to the United States, Richard became a professor of philosophy at Siena College in Loudonville (1939 - 1943.) In 1943, he entered the US Army and became a Military Chaplain for General George Patton’s 11th Armored Division of the Third Army and would later serve as the Military Chaplain for the 1st Infantry. After the war Richard, along with Lutheran Minister Henry Gerecke, was assigned to the pastoral care of the prisoners of the famous Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. This appointment occurred due to the fact that Richard spoke fluent German and had studied in Germany previous to the war. In 1946 his duty entailed providing spiritual aid to 10 war criminals who were executed as a result of the Nuremberg Trials. 

Father O’Connor returned to America after the war trials and taught philosophy and German for 3 years at St Bonaventure and then taught one year at St. Stephens Seminary in Croghan, New York. In 1953 he became a professor at Siena College. While at Siena his duties included being the chairman of the Philosophy Department and performing as the Vice President of Siena from 1956 to 1964. Richard passed away in 1983 and had lived a life worthy of his induction into the Oxford Academy’s Hall of Distinction.   


LUKAS KORVER, Class of 1999

From the hallways of Oxford High School to all parts of the world, Lukas Korver has evolved into one of the foremost cinematographer in the United States. Lukas has worked on documentaries, commercial projects, and television ventures as a cinematographer, producer, editor and director. Graduating from Oxford in 1999, Lukas was a standout soccer and basketball player and a member of the Honor Society. Following graduation Korver studied film and TV production at Syracuse University and is a graduate of the Newhouse School of Communication. 

Lukas began his commercial career as a camera operator and director producer working with such company as Under Armour, Ford, Lincoln, Duracell, Vans, Nike and Omega watches. Lukas is an Emmy Award winning director of the memorable Sports Illustrated piece, “A Boy Helps a Town Heal.” The film won in the category of Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Programming. He has also directed, edited and produced a lengthy documentary the “Medicine Game”. This PBS special traced the lives of two young lacrosse stars. Korver spent four months living on the reservation documenting their senior year of high school. Lukas, who works closely with Eliot Rausch, has continued to work on various projects covering various humanitarian causes all over the world. 

Lukas has worked on “Unfiltered” which features Olympian Michael Phelps and Eliot Rausch’s “Last Minutes with Oden,” which won Vimeo’s “Best Film” and “Best Documentary” awards for 2010. Lukas has recently directed a short film chronicling artist Brandon Stanton’s famous photoblog “Humans of New York.” This film illustrated the high impact that could be obtained by using a social media. It is a must see! Additionally, Lukas has been able to captured the beautiful images of a story and maintained the real-life values and the different life lessons taught through a life experience.  The Hall of Distinction Committee takes great pleasure inducting Lukas in the 2019 class of the Oxford Hall of Distinction. 

Hall of Distinction 2018

picture of the 5 people awarded the hall of distinction award
Lieutenant Colonel George Anthony Bancroft II
Lieutenant Colonel John Jamieson Bancroft Jr.
Barbara H. Tompkins
Mary C. Weidman
Charlotte F. Stafford (Vicky House (friend) is pictured) 


Tony Bancroft’s career reflects significant achievement in the military and business. He graduated with merit from the United States Naval Academy, was ranked 1st in his class at United States Naval Flight Training, and acquired over 1,500 hours of tactical flight time. His service included combat air patrols as an F/A-18 Hornet pilot, day and night aircraft carrier landings, and qualifying as a Landing Signal Officer (LSO) as part of VMFA-314, “The Black Knights,” a Marine Fighter Attack Squadron deployed on the USS Carl Vinson. On a later duty with VMFAT-101, “The Sharpshooters,” he led the F/A-18 Familiarization Syllabus instructing newly winged naval aviators how to fly the Hornet.  Tony held a Top Secret/SCI clearance while on active duty, and holds a commercial pilot license.  After leaving active duty in 2009, he joined the Marine Corps Reserve. Subsequently, Tony was hired by Gabelli Asset Management, Inc. as a research analyst covering the aerospace & defense, and environmental services industries. Tony earned an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Economics from Columbia Business School in 2011.



JJ Bancroft’s medaled service to his country started at the United States Naval Academy where he majored in history and earned a commission in the US Marine Corps. Following Marine Infantry and flight training, JJ was chosen to fly the twin bladed UH-1N “Huey,” and then joined the “Vipers,” a squadron that deployed to Okinawa, Korea, Guam, Kuwait, and Iraq. His ongoing specialized training led to activation in four tours of duty in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.  JJ’s year at the Expeditionary Warfare School in Quantico, VA was followed by service as the Airfield Operations Officer for the “Diamondbacks” squadron. JJ led his company on 7-month deployment to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, and later deployed to Afghanistan in his capacity as an Operations Research Analyst. JJ is a graduate of the United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College as well as the Joint Combined Warfare Seminar.  He retired from the Marine Corps Reserves this year after 21 years of service, and was awarded the Joint Meritorious Service Medal, and Air Medal with Combat V for Valor and 14 strike flights with over 300 hours of combat time. 



Until her death in 2010 at the age of 91, Charlotte was dedicated to books, teaching, and learned service to the extended Oxford community. A graduate of Elmira College, she taught French, German, and History till acquiring her Masters in Library Science from SUNY Albany. The rest of her teaching career comprised school librarianship in Binghamton and Norwich until her retirement in 1977. Charlotte worked to form the Oxford Historical Society, served as its first president, and then became Oxford’s Town/Village Historian, a position she held proudly for 34 years. She was a charter member of the Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, a charter member of the Binghamton Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association, a Matron of the Lafayette Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, a past Associate Grand Warder for the Grand Chapter, OES, of New York State, and also served as chapter musician. Charlotte faithfully served St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Oxford as a communicant for many years and member of the Vestry. She also was the first treasurer and later trustee of the Oxford Revitalization Project, a member of the Captain John Harris Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and more.


BARBARA H. TOMPKINS, Class of 1966

Barbara’s esteemed career reached students across the region first as a teacher, then as a reading specialist, then a curriculum coordinator, and finally as Oxford Academy’s Primary School Principal from 1995 to 2006. She studied at SUNY Oneonta and SUNY Cortland, and holds a number of permanent certifications and administrative degrees. During her tenure as Principal, Barb made outstanding contributions to all the good work being done in the Primary building, and led both the school district and the Primary School in literacy programs. Since her retirement, her focus has been on family and community service. It is no surprise that Barb’s informed and generous volunteering for Head Start of Chenango, Chenango United Way, and even the Primary School post-retirement led to her being named the 2013 Volunteer of the Year. Barb is now a member of P.E.O. Chapter CG, Joseph Jefferson Book Club, and the Oxford Academy & Central School Scholarship Committee. She and her husband Gary are also now coordinators for Our Daily Bread Food Pantry at Emmanuel Church. Untold numbers of students helped across Barb’s long career are now better readers, better learners, and more gracious community members because of her work and example. Her gifts are providing a lifetime of benefit to all who know her.


MARY C. WEIDMAN, Class of 1962

Mary is well remembered by her classmates for her activity in Band, Chorus, Student Government, the National Honor Society, and for serving as Editor of the 1962 Oxford Academy yearbook, but her career’s reach expanded to include compassionate service to vulnerable but developing populations, and even a broken glass ceiling. After graduating from Syracuse University, she began work in the Onondaga Department of Social Services before she returned to Chenango County. Here Mary was chosen as Director of the Comprehensive and Training Act program, an early federal initiative to train and place workers in public service jobs.  She served in this capacity for many years before being named the Deputy Commissioner of the Chenango County Department of Social Services in 1987. In 1994 she was elected to the office of Chenango County Clerk, becoming the first female and Democrat to be elected to a Chenango County office, and now the longest serving clerk in the county’s history. She remains in that office today with more than 50 years of public service and counting. Additionally, Mary was instrumental for many years in operating one of the most respected fine dining restaurants in our area, The Old Mill in Mt. Upton. Mary is also active in many organizations including the Oxford Lions Club, the Chenango County Agricultural Society, and the Chenango County Historical Society.

Hall of Distinction 2017

Hall of Distinction 2017
Brian W. Bartle, RPh.
Jeanne E. Race
Colby J. Cooper
Thomas C. Emerson
Mat Boname, MD. (not pictured) 

BRIAN W. BARTLE, RPh, Class of 1958

Brian Bartle has long served the greater Oxford community as a businessman, mentor, and community leader, but in his work as a pharmacist, he has modeled what it is to be a service-based professional.  Hospice patients are among the most vulnerable and challenged in a community, and he has been available at all hours to meet their needs.  Colleagues traveling on medical missions could count on his providing medication for their outreach. When a local family lost everything in a fire, he provided their lost medications and basic toiletries to help them get back on their feet. He also provided decades of support, both financial and moral, for Oxford Academy functions and youth activities in our area. Mr. Bartle has employed Oxford Academy students, some of whom went on to study pharmacy.  He has been a member of the Oxford Lions Club and Oxford Masonic Lodge for over 50 years, an Adjunct Professor at the Albany College of Pharmacy, and a member of the Pharmacist Society of the State of New York and the National Community Pharmacists Association.


MAT BONAME, MD, Class of 1920

Mat Boname provided more than a half century of medical care to area families as our local doctor, including the delivery of thousands of babies, since his Oxford Academy graduation in 1920. Most living here through those decades would have had a hard time imagining life in Oxford without him. Dr. Boname was on the staff of Chenango Memorial Hospital, a health officer for the town and village, a county coroner, a consultant to the Department of Social Services, and a member of the Four County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Physicians, the Central New York Academy of Medicine, and the Chenango County Medical Society. He also had 40 years of perfect attendance as a member of the Oxford Rotary Club. Dr. Boname’s early graduation from Oxford Academy did not keep him away from school; he was our school physician, and his presence continues through the Mat Boname Scholarship Fund established in 1976, which continues to award approximately $20,000 in scholarships every year.


COLBY J. COOPER, Class of 1994

Colby Cooper is among the youngest to be inaugurated into the Hall Distinction, but he has already demonstrated significant achievement and influence. Mr. Cooper won the inaugural Young Alumni Award for Distinguished Citizenship from Bucknell University, and went on to public service in government and politics. After early work on the Y2K initiative, he served as the Director for Communications and Media Relations at the National Security Council under George W. Bush. He later transitioned to Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State, which included support for Secretary Condoleezza Rice’s historic visit to Libya, and principal planning for the 2007 Annapolis Conference on Middle East Peace. Mr. Cooper continued as Research Fellow and Chief of Staff for the Office of Condoleezza Rice at The Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He later founded the Cooper-Lyon Group, became first president of the Coastal Alabama Leadership Council, worked as Director of Corporate Communications for PepsiCo, served as Chief of Staff for the City of Mobile, Alabama, and is now COO at Hix Snedeker Companies.


THOMAS C. EMERSON, JD, Class of 1966

Thomas C. Emerson’s interests and expertise have positively influenced many sectors within both his profession and our area. He is an attorney with a history of professional leadership including admission to the US Supreme Court, Past President and Secretary of the Chenango County Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, membership in the House of Delegates, and Chairman of the Committee on Professional Standards among others. His service to the community has also been wide-reaching, including Chairman of the Board of the Chenango Memorial Hospital, Past President of the Norwich Family YMCA, Chairman of the Village of Oxford Zoning Board of Appeals, Past President of the Oxford Lions Club, board member of the Northeast Classic Car Museum, and Foundation Trustee for the Roger Follett Foundation, the Mary Elizabeth Macksey Charitable Trust, the Rex & Edna Irene Mickle Charitable Trust, the Crosby Charitable Trust, the Greater Norwich Foundation, and the R.C. Smith Foundation. Mr. Emerson’s legal work and leadership are notable for contributing to quality of life and opportunity in our area.


JEANNE E. RACE, Class of 1962

Jeanne E. Race is an educator whose teaching career and community service earned her many honors and appointments, including Teacher of the Year, Outstanding Social Studies Educator for Central New York, Outstanding Secondary Educator for New York State, President of the New York State Social Studies Supervisors Association, and the Baldwinsville Rotary’s Pride in Workmanship Award. She also won a Fulbright Scholarship to study in India, and later achieved an administrative leadership degree and certification at Syracuse University and SUNY Oswego, followed by doctoral work at the University of Rochester.  Her retirement caps career achievement including Curriculum Director and then Deputy Superintendent of Schools at the Baldwinsville School District. Part of the measure of her work can be taken in the innumerable students who learned in her classrooms, and the professional educators she influenced through leadership.  

Hall of Distinction 2016

Hall of Distinction 2016
Dr. Deena Manon Castellion (Russ Lowe (friend) is pictured)
Joseph F. Coleman
Kimberly Smith Colvin
Lewis Hayden Ford (Jane Ford (wife) is pictured)
Suzy Maholchic-Nelson, PhD
David B. Emerson
Robert L. Marshman

Robert Marshman, Class of 1956

Bob Marshman became a partner in the Marshman Farm in 1958.  During that time the farm expanded.  Today the farm provides income for 12 families.  The Marshman Farm was awarded the 2006 Agriculture Business of the Year by New York State.

Mr. Marshman is also an active member of the Oxford community.  He is a past president of the Oxford Academy FFA, the Chenango County Farm Bureau, the Chenango County Holstein Club, the New York Holstein Association, and the Oxford Lion’s Club.  He has been awarded the Lions International Leadership Award, and served as a member of the Oxford Town Board and co-chairman of the Loomis Barn Project.  Mr. Marshman has served as president of the DCMO BOCES School Board, vice-president of the Board of Directors of Agway, Inc., and president of the Central Florida Shuffleboard Association.  In addition, Mr. Marshman was a member of the Oxford Academy Board of Education 1973-77; 1986-88.


David B. Emerson, Class of 1964

Dave Emerson has been a leader and participant in numerous community minded endeavors.  He has been a co-owner of BlueOx, instrumental in the expansion of the company to multiple locations.  His energy has been given to family-centered services (The Children’s Center, the Norwich Family YMCA, and the David L. Emerson Soccer Farm), religious organizations (the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York Foundation, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church), the arts (6 on the Square, Colorscape Chenango), community affairs (Promote Oxford Now, Oxford Holiday Committee, Oxford Lion’s Club, Friends of the Parks Project), local history (Loomis Barn reconstruction, Chenango County Historical Society), business development and regional economic advancement (Commerce Chenango, Leadership Chenango, Innovative Communities Collaborative).  Mr. Emerson has also been a member of the Oxford Academy Board of Education 1983-92.


Lewis Hayden Ford, Class of 1970

Professionally, Lew Ford was instrumental in ensuring the physical health and safety of everyone who walked through our school doors throughout the DCMO BOCES districts.  As a member of the NYS Buildings Officials Group and the Association for Educational Safety and Health Professionals, Mr. Ford made sure students in many districts across the state had a safe place to come every morning.  Mr. Ford also lent his talents to the Oxford Academy music and drama productions as sound technician, and ran the scoreboard (side by side with his beloved wife Jane) for countless sporting events.  Mr. Ford was a recent recipient of the prestigious Marshman-Hall Award.  He served on Oxford Academy’s Board of Education as a member as well as president.  Years of service were 1990-97 and 2000-05.


Joseph F. Coleman, Class of 1956

Joe Coleman has distinguished himself in the field of education as a building principal, superintendent, consultant, and manager.  His work with at-risk youth in rural districts has resulted in increased graduation rates and better opportunities for rural youth. 

Mr. Coleman’s commitment to education and community is evidenced by numerous awards: the Matilda Cuomo Award in Recognition of Education Programs to Support Families; the National School Boards Association Award for Leadership and Design for One of the 10 Best Programs of the Year; IBM Principal of the Year; New York State Senate Recognition for Educational Leadership for Youth-at-Risk; and the Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Service to Youth Award.


Kimberly Smith Colvin, Class of 1994

Kim Colvin is currently an Assistant Professor at the Albany University in the field of Educational Psychology and Methodology.  Her work in education supports the foundation of teaching and learning.  Dr. Colvin’s extensive work in teaching, presenting and publishing has already earned her many accolades including: the University of Massachusetts Amherst, School of Education: Educational Policy, Research, and Administration Dissertation Grant; the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Graduate Student Travel Grant; and the Cornell University, Edward Sheldon Teaching Award: “Outstanding Future Female Teacher,”  

Dr. Colvin’s good works extend beyond the classroom in her work on behalf of post-earthquake Haitian children.


Dr. Deena Manon Castellion, Class of 1985

Deena Castellion is recognized for her significant educational and professional achievements, including Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude graduation from the University of Rochester, then Alpha Omega Alpha and Membership of the Medical School Scholars Program at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.  She specialized in obstetrics and gynecology, seeing families and women at the NH Bradford Clinic.


Suzy Maholchic-Nelson, Ph.D., Class of 1976

Suzy Nelson has a long history of service to students and higher education.  She has served as Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at Siena College, Assistant Director for Leadership and Student Organization and Director of Greek Life at Syracuse University, Robert G. Engel Association Dean of Students, Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at Cornell University, Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Student Life at Harvard University, Vice President and Dean of the College at Colgate University, and, most recently, the Vice President of Student Life at MIT.  Dr. Nelson’s leadership at these institutions has resulted in numerous accolades and awards throughout her career.



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