Hall of Distinction

Hall of Distinction

The Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction was created to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals associated with the school district and to inspire students to current and future success.

These honorees have made a variety of outstanding contributions either to the broader community by making a difference in the lives of others, to their profession through achievement in their chosen fields, and/or to the school while accomplishing significant achievement as a student at Oxford Academy.

The Oxford Academy Hall of Distinction Coordinating Committee encourages community members to make a nomination for inclusion into the Hall of Distinction. Criteria and nomination forms can be found on the Oxford Academy website at www.oxac.orgwww.oxac.org(click on the “District” tab and then “Hall of Distinction”).  Nominations are due by November 1st of each year.

Hall of Distinction 2019

picture of the 5 people awarded the hall of distinction award
Lukas Korver
Richard O’Connor (John O’Connor (nephew) pictured)
Dr. Jennifer O’Reilly Anderson
Joel Crandall
Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Johnson

Hall of Distinction 2018

picture of the 5 people awarded the hall of distinction award
Lieutenant Colonel George Anthony Bancroft II
Lieutenant Colonel John Jamieson Bancroft Jr.
Barbara H. Tompkins
Mary C. Weidman
Charlotte F. Stafford (Vicky House (friend) is pictured) 

Hall of Distinction 2017

Hall of Distinction 2017
Brian W. Bartle, RPh.
Jeanne E. Race
Colby J. Cooper
Thomas C. Emerson
Mat Boname, MD. (not pictured) 

Hall of Distinction 2016

Hall of Distinction 2016
Dr. Deena Manon Castellion (Russ Lowe (friend) is pictured)
Joseph F. Coleman
Kimberly Smith Colvin
Lewis Hayden Ford (Jane Ford (wife) is pictured)
Suzy Maholchic-Nelson, PhD
David B. Emerson
Robert L. Marshman


2018 Induction Ceremony Photos

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2016 Induction Ceremony Photos

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