Notice of Budget Hearing and Vote


School districts must continue to provide remote instruction and meals to students as well as childcare for essential workers every weekday through April 14 to receive waivers from the 180-day instructional requirement – even if they had been scheduled to be on spring break during that time. 

FOOD SERVICE - Grab and go meal pickups are:

--OXFORD: Primary School entrance, 10 am to 1 pm, Monday-Friday.  Starting April 6, this pick up time at this location will change to 11 am to 12:30 pm
--MCDONOUGH: American Legion parking lot, 11 am to 11:30 am, Monday-Friday

Notice of Budget Hearing and Vote

Budget Update - March 5, 2020

This post is meant to bring everyone up-to-date on our current fiscal situation.

The 2020-2021 school budget is proving to be challenging to say the least. This is the nuts and bolts, plain language, down and dirty explanation of what is happening.

At the end of January, the Governor’s budget was released. When that occurred we were notified of our state aid allotment and began doing the math. We had a budget gap of $466,000. We predicted in advance things were going to be tough, however, nothing could prepare us for what we’d soon be facing. 

Shortly thereafter, more data came in. This time it was an increase in health insurance costs. 

In a matter of weeks, as our cost adjustments were being fine-tuned, our budget gap escalated from $466,000 to $517,000 to $695,000 and on to our current gap of $1,028,000. 

We currently have a budget shortfall of over $1 million.

Finding a solution to this problem is no easy task. Difficult decisions are required to be made and we have been weighing our options very carefully for months. 

More than anything, our goals have been the security of our buildings and of course to protect student learning. These have been challenging but we feel we’ve put together a plan that addresses both.

We understand that every person and every program has worth. There is a human aspect to this and we take that very seriously.

However, there is no easy way to cut over $1 million out of a budget.  

In the end, people will be affected. This is not something that any of us want to see happen but this is a reality we must face. We realize the weight of the decisions that we’re forced to make and hope the community understands that we take no joy in any of them. 

State funding is not sufficient and operating costs continue to rise. We must come to terms with that. We are asking for your support as we navigate this very difficult terrain. 

The decisions we make are not easy.   Not everyone will agree with the actions we take. However, we hope that explaining our current situation will add clarity and understanding.  

John Hillis



Second Budget Update

The aid we use to pay our bills for the year is estimated to be $12,282,951.
This is an increase of $266,354 from our 2019-2020 aid package.
As stated in the previous budget note though, this is not enough to cover our rising operating costs.
Therefore, our current budget shortfall is estimated to be approximately $500,000.

As a result of this, we are examining overall expenditures in all areas as well as multiple options to help minimize the impact to student learning.


First Budget Update

As the budget season progresses, it is our intent to keep everybody as informed as possible.  This is the first of several budget updates that the district will provide to the Oxford community.

State Aid:

1.)           The Governor’s budget proposal was released on Tuesday, January 21st

2.)           In that budget, overall aid to the Oxford Academy and Central School District increased by a total of $266,354.00 or 2.17%.  

3.)           This aid increase is not adequate to cover the rising cost of funding a school district the size of Oxford.

Our Goal: 

1.)           To find solutions that do not significantly impact student learning.

2.)           To protect Oxford Academy and Central School District from future financial complications.

3.)           To provide up-to-date information as the budget season progresses.

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