Special Programs

Primary School and High School Principal Interview Committees
We are conducting Primary School Principal interviews the morning of July 30.  Looking for parents and community members to be part of the process.  If interested, please contact Michele Rice (607-843-2025, ext. 4040 or [email protected]) by Friday, July 26.  You must be able to attend the entire morning of interviews.  The timeframe is: starting around 7:45 am through noon at the Oxford Middle School.

We are conducting High School Principal interviews the afternoon of July 30.   Looking for parents and community members to be part of the process.  If interested, please contact Michele Rice (607-843-2025, ext. 4040 or [email protected]) by Friday, July 26.  The timeframe is: starting around 1 pm through 4 pm at the Oxford Middle School.

Special Programs

The Special Education Department is going paperless for all parents that have an email address in the school's database (PowerSchool). 

Special education families/parents/guardians will now be accessing their child's information though the Parent Portal in Clear Track. Parents will be sent an email from Clear Track, inviting them to create an account/password to access IEPs/504s, meeting letters, Medicaid documents, prior written notices, letters of recommendations, and BOE meeting minutes.  Follow the steps and parents/guardians will have access to all documents that are sent to the Parent Portal. 

Parents are asked to activate their accounts so they are updated on their child's special ed status.  

Parents without an email address in the database will continue to have all SPED information mailed to them.   

Any questions regarding the Parent Portal, please contact the CSE office at 843.2025 x 2208.  

Over the past several months, Oxford Academy conducted an extensive review of its overall Special Education program, including continuum of services, financial considerations and a host of associated topics that fall under the umbrella of special education.  This was not a study that was required of the district, but rather, was a voluntary initiative that afforded us the opportunity to ensure that we are providing high quality services in a cost effective fashion.   

The district invites anyone who is interested in the study to review the summary document found to the right.  The findings of the survey are valuable in that it has validated many practices of the district, and also provided recommendations that will be used to develop action items under district goals for 2019-20 and beyond.  The district would like to thank Futures Education, the independent third party who facilitated the analysis, for their work in developing this comprehensive report.  

Director of Special Programs
Greg Lehr - 607-843-2025, ext. 2522
Special Programs Secretary
Kimberly Boyer  607-843-2025, ext. 2208 
School Psychologist
Jennifer Ostrom  607-843-2025, ext. 3222
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