Superintendent John T. Hillis

John T. Hillis Superintendent

Winter Months

These several months at school, are always exciting and cool.

And as our days grow shorter, we’re in the second quarter.

There’s so much going on.

When snowflakes finally fall, we all go decorate the hall.

And as the crisp winds whip, the school gets festive and hip.

And the chilly months pass on.

Students become excited, when all the wrongs seem righted.

And our staff and students smile, knowing all the while,

There’s a calmness that’s upon.

Next year’s being set, and the possibilities soon beget,

Opportunities that arise, of many shapes and size.

Our ambitions soon will dawn.

The buildings are constantly abuzz with laughter just because.

And the leaders plan with delightment, things of less excitement.

Using inspiration all along.

As our construction is beginning, our community will be grinning,

At the advancements that are planned, and the opportunities close at hand.

Moving into the future and beyond.

The district’s facilities at night, are busy and alight.

Hosting sports and events nonstop, with children, mom and pop.

A pride we pass on.

And as the snow will inevitably persist, the community should really insist,

That as the shorter days grow long, we can continue all along,

To make ourselves lead on.

An example of what can be, with advancements for all to see.

For excellence we will strive, and into each challenge we will dive.

Creating our community a lasting icon.


Mr. John T. Hillis


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