Clyde Cole Wrestling Tournament
December 2
     5-7 pm preliminary matches
     7:30-9:30 pm quarterfinals matches
December 3
     9:30-11 am semifinals & first round wrestle backs followed by wrestle backs and consolations
     7:30 - 9 pm Finals, followed by special awards(finals may start earlier but not before 5 pm)
Admission:  $4 adults, $3 students
Finals Admission:  $4 adults, $3 students


Superintendent John T. Hillis

John T. Hillis Superintendent
September 9, 2022
Good Morning Blackhawk Nation,
After a busy summer, school is finally back in session and we couldn’t be happier.

We had a great day yesterday and it is always energizing to see the smiling faces coming back into the buildings, ready to learn.
Thank you for your support, and thank you for such wonderful children!
I’m writing this morning to remind you of our schedule changes this year and how they will benefit all of our students.
After COVID, nationwide test scores decreased for the first time ever in Math, and by the largest margin in 30 years in Reading.  Like everywhere else, COVID impacted student performance in Oxford. 
Although we didn’t experience the severe declines that happened in some places, we understand that we have been affected also.  
As educators, we’re always trying to get better at what we do and we’re always looking for more effective ways to increase student learning.  As part of our multi-year review, we decided that a few changes to our building schedules would help provide additional benefits to all students.  
Beginning this year, in the Primary School, students will be able to meet each week in small groups with their teachers for more focused and enhanced learning opportunities.  The objective of these opportunities will be more individualized instruction and skills development.  
During this time, we’re seeking growth in reading, writing and math skills.  Things that will be important to future academic success.
In the secondary, we took a 10 period day, consolidated it into a 9 period day, and added an Enrichment Period at the end.  This period will be used for multiple purposes.
For the first time, students will have the opportunity to stay during Enrichment and get extra help in any subject.  All they have to do is go see their teacher at the end of the day.  
Students will also be able to use this period to do homework before sports practices start in the afternoon.  They will have the time needed to begin assignments before practice, in a teacher’s room, and be able to ask questions if needed.
They will also be able to make up missed work due to absence, music lessons or various appointments, etc.  They may be able to finish tests, quizzes, science labs, essays or any other work that may be due.
Additionally, this will be a time when extra-curriculars will meet without conflicting with interscholastic sports or other after school activities.  
Enrichment will be a useful and positive addition to our daily schedule and all parents should encourage their students to use it effectively to keep lines of communication open and self-advocate with teachers and advisors.  
We sincerely expect this schedule to create a new and vibrant learning dynamic in our buildings and we hope that all Blackhawks embrace the multitude of opportunities that it will provide each one of our students.
Best wishes to all for a wonderful school year.
John Hillis
Superintendent of Schools


June 13, 2022
Dear Parents/Guardians:
I’m writing to inform everybody of a few schedule changes that will be taking place during the 2022-2023 school year.
These changes are designed to benefit students, teachers and staff along with the District’s ability to support student learning and participation in enhanced curricular as well as extra-curricular activities.
Our goal is to create a period of time each day when students are able to meet with teachers and staff to make up missed work, finish current assignments, get extra help, meet with extra-curricular advisors and participate in multiple extra-curricular activities, etc.
This period will occur after the last regularly scheduled instructional period of the school day, between 2:25 and 3:10.  Students will have the ability to stay if needed (or required) whenever they choose and attend to matters that cannot be taken care of during the regular school day. 
Sometimes it may be just getting extra help on an assignment, finishing an essay or science lab, or even finding a quiet place to do homework before practice.
In the MS and HS, there may be instances where a teacher will require a student to stay for help and support.
In the Primary School, all students will be assigned a specific day of the week that they will be required to stay for small group skills development and individual instruction.  The Primary School will be in touch with more specifics at a later date.
These changes will occur in all three buildings and as such, the bus schedule will change to accommodate building needs.
Morning bus runs will stay the same but afternoon bus runs will change according to the following:
PM Bus Schedule:
            First Release
            2:20 pm     PS 1st release of students
            2:23 pm     HS 1st release of students
            2:30 pm     MS 1st release of students
            Second Release
            3:00 pm     MS 2nd release of students
            3:06 pm     HS/PS 2nd release of students
            Sports Run
            4:50 pm     Leaves Middle School
            5:00 pm     Leaves High School
*Must sign up for sports bus by 1:00 pm daily
*Up to 2 buses will run per day as needed
John Hillis
Superintendent of Schools

August 29, 2021
Good Morning Blackhawk Nation,
I’m writing today to give everybody a heads-up on our school year and what to expect.
As you are all fully aware, things have changed significantly since June.  The Delta variant is out there and COVID cases are once again rising.  However, like last year, we are determined to keep the buildings open by making sure all of our students, teachers, staff and visitors continue to remain safe.
As we begin another year, our COVID procedures and protocols should be very familiar to you.  
In fact, much of what we successfully did last year will still be in place.
Here are the basics:
            1.  All students will be in school every day
            2.  Masks will continue to be required inside the buildings
            3.  Masks will continue to be required on the buses
            4.  Mask breaks will occur periodically throughout the day
            5.  Masks are not yet required outdoors while on school property
            6.  We will not be required to do temperature checks or surveys like we did last year
I fully understand that everybody is tiring of the mask mandates, but in a school, they are especially important so we ask for your cooperation.  
Hundreds of our students are not yet vaccinated and masks are the primary defense mechanism to slow the spread of COVID in Oxford.  They are also required by NYS Department of Health so we must comply.
With any luck, the pandemic will ease soon and we will be able to get back to normal but for now, these measures are for the safety and benefit of everybody in this community.
They will also help us ensure that our buildings remain open.
As always, we will do everything possible to further the safety of our entire Blackhawk community and as always, we appreciate your support in helping us make Oxford the special place that it is.
Please feel free to refer to our district website for additional COVID information and updates. 
With Sincere Regards,
John Hillis
Superintendent of Schools
Oxford Academy and Central School District



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