Primary School and High School Principal Interview Committees
We are conducting Primary School Principal interviews the morning of July 30.  Looking for parents and community members to be part of the process.  If interested, please contact Michele Rice (607-843-2025, ext. 4040 or [email protected]) by Friday, July 26.  You must be able to attend the entire morning of interviews.  The timeframe is: starting around 7:45 am through noon at the Oxford Middle School.

We are conducting High School Principal interviews the afternoon of July 30.   Looking for parents and community members to be part of the process.  If interested, please contact Michele Rice (607-843-2025, ext. 4040 or [email protected]) by Friday, July 26.  The timeframe is: starting around 1 pm through 4 pm at the Oxford Middle School.


Meet Mr. Colosi

“How is what we do good for students?” new Oxford Academy Superintendent Nick Colosi asks daily. As both a parent and an administrator with a wealth of education experience, he’s used to asking that question and finding answers.

Some of his communication and problem solving skills were honed years ago in an expected way. While studying at Binghamton University, he also worked at Wegmans where he received a scholarship and opportunities for advancement: Mr. Colosi progressed from cashier to front end manager. “It was great training for interpersonal skills, it was great preparation for talking to parents as a teacher and administrator. I still use those skills to this day,” he explained.

His pathway to education was a path of discovery, beginning with his biology major at BU. While studying he participated in the Gear Up program, a support and mentorship opportunity serving Binghamton Middle School students in which he discovered a knack for explaining science. “I originally thought I might go into research and work in a lab,” he said, “but I finished my Bachelor's degree in science and went on to get a Master's in education.”

Mr. Colosi’s education career started in Tully where he taught science for 11 years, and also served as a coach, advisor, department chair, and student teacher supervisor. “I was wearing multiple hats, took care of different kinds of preparation for all these roles, and managed different facets to create student opportunities.” 

He next moved to administration, and was able to work closer to his family’s Norwich home. He served the Sherburne-Earlville school community for 8 years where he progressed from MS/HS assistant principal to HS principal, and helped to “move the dial” there. Graduation rates and Regents scores went up, attendance improved, an alternative-type program was brought back and re-imagined, and they were able to add social workers to the Student Support Services department. 

There was still more to learn and do, so Mr. Colosi entered the acclaimed New York State Council of School Superintendents LEAF program, which he described as an excellent development experience. “I made lots of connections, and worked with experienced superintendents within the broader spectrum of education and leadership in general.” He has also earned three administration certificates from SUNY Stony Brook and Pace University.

Next was 2 years as the Afton Superintendent. “I wasn’t looking for a new job when I was there,” Mr. Colosi explained. “Several people in the community told me about the Oxford opportunity and said I should think about it. It piqued my interest knowing Oxford’s supportive community, supportive Board of Education, and the district’s long history of being successful. It’s also closer to home. Things work out the way they’re supposed to.” It’s personal too – “Mrs. Loretta Tripp (Menard), my wife's grandmother, is from Oxford. She always spoke so highly about the district and was proud to be a Blackhawk."

His approaches to education already align well with Oxford Academy’s growing initiatives.  “I’m interested in a growth mindset,” Mr. Colosi said. “Many classrooms haven’t changed as much although tech is changing. We have diverse learners so we must be diverse educators. My job is to create an environment that is supportive and trusting so teachers can take educational risks. Let’s try it, gather data, then say whether or not it works. Let’s not stay stuck in the fear that we can’t move on. It’s okay to fail, but how do we learn from that and move forward?” 

Mr. Colosi added that STEAM programming is imperative for student success because it offers hands–on, application-based programming that’s in line with the NYS Blue Ribbon Commission on Graduation Measures which will be proposing new graduation requirements. “Gone are the days of students quietly sitting in rows. We’re morphing into the 21st century. People want to work outside the box, not in isolation, and creating spaces to allow for that is super important. NYS will be changing the portrait of a graduate. There will be many facets, many pathways: CTE and project-based learning, and multiple ways of showing understanding. Students don’t all learn the same way so we have to provide for that.”

At the same time, Mr. Colosi is attentive to numerous challenges facing small rural districts and communities like Oxford, including declining state aid based on student enrollment. “We must look at creative ways to be fiscally responsible and maintain enrollment, but we must also work in the larger arena and perhaps share and work with other districts,” he affirmed. Other regional needs include an educated workforce supplying opportunities to students after graduation. “There are many open entry level positions. How do we connect with students so they realize all the opportunities here? We are fortunate to have Raymond, Unison, GE, Chobani, BlueOx, and financial and insurance institutions here. Lots of availability. How do we get students there? College isn’t for everybody.” 

While the future is in sight, so are everyday challenges. “School is a place where trusted relationships can be built,” Mr. Colosi added. “Schools have changed over the years so we wear many hats. It’s not the teaching piece only. In some cases, school is a place to come to for support, food, clothing. Life can be stressful.”

That’s why you may see Mr. Colosi moving through hallways with Cosmo (with a harness) or Ace (with a collar). The Colosi family’s two therapy dogs come from litters raised by the Heggie family, and have been approved to be working therapy dogs in our schools. “They provide support in school when a student is stressed, has anxiety, or is dysregulated,” Mr. Colosi said.“The dogs also help students with transitions.” He explained how in the past Cosmo has helped students of all ages move into a classroom, deal with behavior issues, and struggle to read (the dogs are great listeners). 

In all his work in education, Mr. Colosi’s approach comes back to seeking what’s good for students. “When decisions are made, if we’re putting kids first and doing what’s right for them, we will never go wrong.”

Superintendent of Schools Named - Congratulations Mr. Colosi


To:      All Oxford Academy & Central School Community Members
From: Julie Gates, President
          Oxford Academy Board of Education
Date:   May 20, 2024
Re:      Superintendent Selection 

On behalf of the Oxford Academy Board of Education, I am very pleased to inform you that on May 15, 2024, the Board agreed to offer Mr. Nicholas Colosi the position as our new Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Colosi is currently the Superintendent of Schools in the Afton Central School District, Afton, NY.  Pending the successful negotiation of a contract, the Board will make a formal appointment at an upcoming Board of Education meeting.  It is anticipated that he will assume the position on or about July 1, 2024.     

The Board would also like to take this opportunity to thank those members of the school community and employees that provided feedback to the Board during this process as it helped inform the Board of the qualities and characteristics demanded of our next superintendent.  Rest assured, we have found them in Mr. Colosi.  We look forward to your anticipated support of our new superintendent and the start of Nick Colosi’s work in Oxford!
Mr. Nicholas A. Colosi is a passionate educator with a steadfast commitment to fostering excellence and equity in education. With over two decades of experience in education, the last ten in leadership roles, Mr. Colosi brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovation to his role as Superintendent of Schools. Prior to assuming his current position as the Superintendent of the Afton Central Schools, he worked in the Sherburne-Earlville CSD for eight years as a Principal and Assistant Principal. Prior to this, he was a teacher with the Tully CSD, teaching grades 6-12 in the science field. Mr. Colosi has spearheaded initiatives to enhance academic rigor, promote student-centered learning, and close achievement gaps. His visionary leadership and collaborative approach resulted in notable improvements in student outcomes and teacher effectiveness. He holds NYS certifications as a School District Leader, School District Business Leader and School Building Leader.
Mr. Colosi’s priorities and approach focus on being student-centered, promoting collaboration, and providing clear and transparent communication. He is grounded in building relationships with all stakeholders to create an inclusive, welcoming environment for all, always working with an open-door policy. With over ten years of leadership experience, mostly in Chenango County, he is attune to the needs of the area, the resources available, and methods that promote resolve, growth, and positive change.
Mr. Colosi lives locally in Norwich, NY, with his wife Kelly, and two daughters Emma (ninth grade) and Abby (seventh grade). He loves spending time with his family and friends, traveling, and contributing to the community. He has served on the United Way of Mid Rural New York Board and Finance committee for many years, is a member of the SUNY Morrisville Advisory Council, a former Rotary member, and volunteers for numerous local groups.


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