Primary School STEAM

If you watch any video today, let it be this one.

Mr. Kappauf, also known as “Mr. STEAM,” facilitates the Primary School STEAM Room where students explore, discover, and acquire 21st century skills using FUSE Studio challenges. Watch young Blackhawks go as they grow in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M) skills and interests.

The FUSE Studio from Northwestern University came to Oxford Academy through partnership with SIEMENS, a global technology company, and it gave Blackhawks choices not just to learn but to do: first in the Fab Lab, and now in the Primary School’s STEAM Room.

According FUSE Studio design principles, this is why these challenges work:

–Students choose what they want to work on.

–FUSE challenges are designed around an array of student interests. Not everybody wants to be a rocket scientist.

–Students lead their own exploration and discovery; teachers are facilitators who help students ask useful questions to help them solve problems.

–Because students choose projects in different orders and progress at different speeds, Blackhawks become challenge experts who can share inspired knowledge with others. Student leadership and confidence both develop in real time.

–Failure is okay. It truly is. Persistence is what’s celebrated in the STEAM Room as students try and then try again. The physical products are richer because students figured out how to get there.

We’re proud of you Blackhawks. When you keep going, amazing things happen. 

Thank you, Mr. Kappauf!

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