Useful Websites

Every person entering UPK-12 schools, regardless of vaccination, must wear a mask or face-covering.  

Useful Websites

The online OPAC system used to find books and resources in our library
A search engine for RELIABLE websites. See Miss. Rosas if you need the user name and password.
Sweet Search
Search engine with websites that have been evaluated. OWL Purdue - MLA

 Social Studies Links Link - description Rating Chronicling America

Cayuga Fact Sheet

Cayuga Nation

Onondaga Fact Sheet

Onondaga Tribes

 Book Websites Link - description Rating Series Books at Bettendorf Public Library
Don't you hate it when you can't figure out which book comes next in a series? This website lists hundreds of series in chronological order.  7th Grade Art Link - description Rating Internet Bird Collection - African White Necked Raven

African White Necked Ravens

 Inventions Link - description Rating Polygraph

Corduroy Roads

Corduroy Roads

Rotary Printing Press

Clipper Ships

Clipper Ships

Clipper Ships

 American Revolution Link - description Rating Paul Revere House

Library of Congress

National Parks - George Washington

Franklin Institute


African American Efforts

View text-based website