Student Expectations

Student Expectations


To achieve the Oxford Primary School goals, each child will be expected to follow the BLACKHAWK PLEDGE and the BLACKHAWK FIVE. Both were created to define student behavioral expectations in a language that may be easily understood by children.

During the first week of school, parents are asked to discuss the meaning of the BLACKHAWK PLEDGE and BLACKHAWK FIVE with their child. A copy of the Oxford Primary School Behavior Contract will be sent home with each child to assist in this process. The Behavior Contract should be read together by parent and child, signed and returned to the child’s teacher.

Parents are also asked to review the BLACKHAWK PLEDGE and BLACKHAWK FIVE periodically throughout the school year with their child.

Consequences for not following the BLACKHAWK PLEDGE and BLACKHAWK FIVE may include a discussion with the teacher, "time out", loss of privileges (i.e. playground time), a discussion with the principal, student placed phone call to parents, phone call to parents from teacher or principal, “time out” at home, or suspension from school.

 My EYES are watching

My EARS are listening 

My MOUTH is quiet

My HANDS are to myself

My HEART is caring



I will be kind to others and myself.   

I will treat others the way I want to be treated.   

I will let others work and learn without being disturbed. 

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