Student Pick Up Routine


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August Regents Exams have been cancelled.

Decisions about Summer School will be announced by the end of May.

School districts must continue to provide remote instruction and meals to students as well as childcare for essential workers every weekday.

FOOD SERVICE - Grab and go meal pickups are available:

--OXFORD: Primary School entrance, 11 am to 12:30 pm, Monday-Friday.
--MCDONOUGH: American Legion parking lot, 11 am to 11:30 am, Monday-Friday

School Budget Vote:  June 9, 2020 by absentee ballot.  More information can be found HERE

Student Pick Up Routine


I hope everyone had a restful and productive summer.  Following our successful trial this past school year with the new parking plan at the PS/HS we are going to continue with the change.  The parking lot has been resurfaced and restriped, getting rid of unwanted and unneeded lines and adding some that were needed.  We’ve removed the old vehicle parking spaces at the left of the parking lot and replaced them with definitive lines for the buses to park.  We’ve removed the vehicle parking spaces by the playground area and replaced them with a crosswalk and walk way for parents walking their students to the school from the parking lot.  The stop sign located at the end of the vehicle loop has been eliminated and making that a drive thru lane.  Cars coming from the parking lot must stop before entering the exit lane.  If everyone would slow down in the parking lot and have patience, the parking lot will be safer for everyone.

In the AM, the buses drop off at the Middle School at 7:45 and then proceed to the Primary/High School arriving about 7:55.  The buses drive through the loop to their bus parking locations on the left side of the parking lot.  They immediately drop off their High School students.  When the buzzer sounds at 7:57 they excuse their Primary School students.  Parents are encouraged to use the vehicle loop in front of the schools to drop-off their students.  We understand the need for students to be in car seats and the need for a parent to have to get out and assist those students.   You cannot park your vehicle in the loop and walk your student into the building.  If you are dropping students off in the vehicle loop, proceed to the right when entering the parking lot and flow into the loop in front of the High School and Primary School.  While in the loop, no cars will be permitted to pass other vehicles to preserve the safety of all and we ask that you demonstrate the utmost caution and courtesy when dropping off students.  If everyone will slow down the process will be flawless.  If you have to enter the building, you will still be required to park in the big parking lot and walk into the building. 

In the afternoon, we are making a huge improvement in the afternoon dismissal.  The buses will be picking up the Middle School students first at 2:50 PM and proceed to the PS/HS where they will load the others.  This will eliminate students being on the bus for an excess period of time.  The buses will travel through the loop in front of the school and park on the left side of the building where they parked in the AM.  All Primary students will be excused at 2:55 PM and load the buses on that side of the parking lot, away from all vehicle traffic.  Personal cars again will not be permitted in the loop for after school dismissal or in the area where the buses are parked.  High School students will be dismissed at 3:04 and board on the Primary School side of the building.  We hope the afternoon dismissal will be very quick so the buses pull in, load and leave.

We would welcome any positive input you might be willing to share with us.  Please keep an open mind and understand this isn’t a change just to change but hopefully a change for safety concerns.  You may forward your concerns or comments to myself or Ms. Hansen via the school website.  Thank you


PS Principal, Oxford Academy           

Dennis Carey, PT Head Bus Driver, Oxford Transportation
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