Student Pick Up Routine

Student Pick Up Routine

Dismissal Procedure


In an effort to streamline dismissal and limit parents/guardians/students from congregating in the building we will be keeping the vestibule closed in the afternoon. Instead we will have a designated time and location to pickup students based on their grade level (see chart below). 

  • If you are picking up multiple students in different grade levels we ask you to arrive at the location of the youngest grade level and you can pick up all your students there.


All Days

Designated Pickup Time

Grade Level



Designated Pickup Location

Grade Level

UPK & Kindergarten

Right Side of the Main Entrance

1st & 2nd Grade 

Middle Doors of the Main Entrance

3rd & 4th Grade

Left Side of the Main Entrance



To pickup your student(s) this year please park in the parking lot (see attached) and walk up to your designated location. The student drop off lane is not designated for parking so please do not park in this area and block traffic. Faculty and Staff members will be at the doors to assist you. Please tell them who you are picking up in that grade level and they will communicate with other faculty and staff members inside to send your student(s) out for dismissal. As previously stated, please only come during the designated pick up time, otherwise you will have to wait since faculty and staff members will not be outside to help you until 2:15pm. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Transportation Department Reminder

Each parent/guardian needs to designate a single pick up/drop off location for the year. Due to regulations and dismissal changes, we prefer to minimize bus changes as much as possible. Therefore, any changes in where you need your child to go each day after school will need to be communicated by 10:00am to the Primary School Office. Any changes after 10:00am will need to be organized on your end.

Dismissal Schedule for 1/2 Days



UPK, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th


All Bus Students


  • Dismissal will run exactly how it runs throughout the school year, just at an earlier time

  • If you have multiple children to pick up please go to the door of the youngest child

  • Assigned Doors (If you are facing the building - Signs will be posted and Staff members will be outside to help)

    • UPK & Kindergarten - Right Side of the Main Entrance

    • 1st & 2nd Grade - Middle Doors of the Main Entrance

    • 3rd & 4th Grade - Left Side of the Main Entrance

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