Student Pick Up Routine

Oxford Academy and Central School will continue to require employees, students, and visitors to wear masks in the buildings during the summer while instruction is occurring.  No masks will be required for outside activities, or during snack and lunch as students will be social distanced.  When students are not in the building, masks will not be required for vaccinated individuals but will be required for unvaccinated individuals.

Student Pick Up Routine


Dismissal Procedure

In an effort to streamline dismissal and limit parents/students from congregating in the building we will be keeping the vestibule closed in the afternoon. Instead we will be having designated times of pickup for students based on their grade level. If you are picking up multiple students in different grade levels we ask you to arrive at the youngest grade level time and you can pick up all your students then. Parents/guardians that come at an earlier time than their students grade level will have to park in the parking lot and get back in line during their designated pickup time. We will be bringing students down by grade level so they will be ready for dismissal, by coming at an earlier time those grade levels will still be receiving instruction in the classroom and not prepared for dismissal.

To pickup your student(s) please pull into the bus lane at your designated time and follow the lane to the crosswalk in front of the Primary School. Faculty and Staff members will be outside waiting to assist you. Please tell them who you are picking up in that grade level and they will communicate with other faculty and staff members inside to send your student(s) out for dismissal. As previously stated, please only come during your designated grade level pick up time, otherwise you will have to go back into the parking lot and wait for the correct grade level time. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Each grade level will combine all bus students and split them among the grade level teachers. After that each teacher will take a group of students out to the bus when that grade level is called over the loud speaker. By combining students and buses this will streamline the dismissal process to the buses.

A & B Days

Designated Pickup Time

Grade Level

2:20pm to 2:30pm

UPK, Kindergarten

2:30pm to 2:40pm

1st & 2nd Grade

2:40pm to 2:50pm

3rd & 4th Grade

2:50pm to 3:00pm
All Bus Students


Important to Know

  • Please use the bus lane for afternoon dismissal for all parent-pickup students.

    • Pull up in the bus lane to the front of the Primary School and remain in your car, while a member of the faculty and staff assists you in picking up your student.

  • Please only come at your student’s designated time

    • By coming at an earlier time your student will still be receiving instruction in the classroom and will not be prepared for dismissal.

    • If you are picking up multiple students in different grade levels, we ask you to arrive at the youngest student’s grade level time, and you can pick up all your students then. 

  • Each parent needs to designate a single pick up/drop off location for the year. Because of regulations, we are required to minimize the mixing of student populations. Therefore, any changes in where you need your child to go each day after school will need to be organized on your end from that drop-off point. We can no longer accept any bus changes of any kind during the day.

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