Student Attendance Policy

Oxford Academy and Central School will continue to require employees, students, and visitors to wear masks in the buildings during the summer while instruction is occurring.  No masks will be required for outside activities, or during snack and lunch as students will be social distanced.  When students are not in the building, masks will not be required for vaccinated individuals but will be required for unvaccinated individuals.

Student Attendance Policy


All absences, tardiness, and early departures must be accounted for. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation to the student to notify the appropriate school office within at least 24 hours of the absence, tardiness, or early departure and to provide a written excuse upon the student’s return to school. Prior parental notice is required for early dismissal.   

Parents are welcome to leave a confidential voicemail message for building nurses 24 hours a day.

If your child attends the primary school please call #843-2025, ext. 3105

If your child attends the middle school please call #843-2025, ext. 2523

If your child attends the high school please call #843-2025, ext. 3302

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