Under “Documents” there is a power point from SUNY called "Hot Jobs" that will tell you some hot jobs and how our SUNY system can prepare you for your dream job!



We are in the process of expanding and further developing our work experience opportunities for students at Oxford Academy. We will be working to cultivate relationships with local businesses so that students may be able to gain relevant and realistic on the job training which can become part of their career exploration. 

See the link in the left hand column under Careers called: "Work Experience Information" for current work experience documents and forms.



1)  Looking for a SUNY College/University that has a specific program or preparation for a career?

Click HERE to goto SUNY Program search.

2) Career Cruising on "Career Zone"

( )

Sponsored by the US Department of Labor.

You will need to create an account of new to this site OR

You will need to remember your UserID and Password from class in order to access this.

Go to the above website and you can search different careers to learn about the careers and schooling and skills needed for that profession, by choosing a carreer cluster and researching careers.

Then if you want to determine your personality type and develop your own career plan then create an account and:

Under step (1) update your personal information then under step (2) take the interest profiler to see majors, careers and colleges that might interest you. You can do all (16) steps if you wish.  This will step you through an entire career development plan and portfolio.

3) Guidance Direct/Career Connections

I begin working with freshman on their college and career plan on Guidance Direct Career Connections 

In order to use this you must click on "Student Login" then enter Oxford's School ID: 6329410 and School Password: O36S7907, (the first is the letter O and the other is the number zero) then enter your unsername and Password that you created your account with to login to your information.

4) Simple student search of the "Occupational Outlook Handbook"

5) Career searching using department of labor's "Occupational Outlook Handbook" if you cannot find your carerr in #3 (

6)  See information regarding various military options:

Careers in the Military:

US Navy:


US Air Force:

US Air Force ROTC:

US Army:


US Marine Corps:

US Coast Guard:

NOTE: If you cannot find information about a specific job you are looking for do a GOOGLE search on "xxxx career information" (for example: video game developer career information OR music producer career information) until you find some pertinent information.



1) Check out the Chenango-Delaware-Otsego (CDO) Workforce with offices in Oneonta and Norwich.  They will help you seek, interview, and land a job locally all for free.  They provide all sorts of career management training such as mock interviews, resume writing and resume reviewing.

Visit them on the web:

2) Look through the local papers.

Most local papers and their local empolyment ads cannot be viewed on line without paying instead they use the for profit sites like "Career Builder" and "Monster" that do not adequately represent jobs in our area.  So consider subscribing to your local paper for empolyment adds or go to the library to read the paper.

The Bighamton Press Jobs Online: 

(Using "Career Builder" website)

The Oneonta Daily Star Jobs Online:

(Using "Monster" website)

The Norwich Evening Sun Online:

(No online employment site so you have to subsribe)

View text-based website