Student Study Team

Student Study Team



This site contains information about our SST process and all the required forms for an SST referral. 

The SST is NOT a pre-CSE process but rather a team of educators who examine students who are having some difficulty in either behavior or academics and then as a team, attempts to implement solution focused ideas on how we can better serve these students. 

Before referring students to the SST it is imperative that the teacher:

1) has tried some different teaching strategies/differential instruction.

2) has discussed the student's strenghts/weaknesses with the student and parents.

3) feels that they have done everthing in their power to assist the student.

The SST will try to determine what the student needs that he/she is not currently getting and attempt to provide extra services or supports that will hopefully help the student perform better at Oxford High School.

This site contains information and all the forms needed for an SST referral and intervention for a high school student.

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