Junior News

Junior News

Welcome Juniors


Now is the time to be thinking about what you might want to pursue after graduation.  Junior year is typically the time when students take the PSAT- in October (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) and the SAT - in the Spring (Scholastic Aptitude Test) in preparation for college applications in their senior year.  In addition juniors also begin thinking about possible college options by attending college fairs one of which is usually held at the YMCA in Norwich in April and also making visits to colleges with their families.

It is important to start thinking about your future NOW!

I will meet individualy with every junior and review their junior timeline.  In addition, we will start adding to the student's carreer plan on Guidance Direct Career Connections by updating and adding colleges and careers.  We will also research colleges and discuss SAT and ACT test scores.  

In order to use guidance direct career connections, you must click on "Student Login" then enter Oxford's School ID: 6329410 and School Password: O36S7907, (the first is the letter O and the other is the number zero) then enter your unsername and Password that you created your account with to log in to your information.

Under "Documents" you will find a Guidance Direct Career Connections overview.  I hand these out and review this power point when I visit junior classes.  I also mail a copy of the packet home, but in case you misplaced the handouts, or want them now, they are downloadable here.


Guidance Direct (guidancedirect.com)

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