Counseling Curriculum

Counseling Curriculum



The school counselor realizes that classroom instructional time is precious to all classroom teachers but it is essential that some classroom time be used to target all students when topics are relevant to all high school students.

As a result, the counselor will try to provide ample advance notice when visiting classrooms. 

In addition to better integrate counseling curriculum within the classroom teacher's daily curriculum and allow classroom teachers more flexibility, the counselor will provide a menu of topics that he/she can provide to the class.  This way the classroom teacher can plan ahead as to what topics are relevant to the core curriculum and at what time.

Some of the counseling curricula the school counselor can deliver include but is not limited to:

  • Graduation requirements
  • Oxford High School academic policies 
  • Test anxiety
  • Career awareness
  • College awareness
  • Knowing oneself
  • Understanding and expressing feelings
  • Communication skills
  • Goal setting
  • Self motivation
  • Developing an understanding of others
  • Stress reduction
  • Anger management
  • Understanding difficult topics (death, suicide, sexual abuse, date rape, racism, safe sex, harassment, bullying, cyber bullying, drug abuse)

Under "Documents" you will find a menu of topics that teachers use to schedule the school counselor for a visit to his/her classroom.

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