Grade 1 Math

Grade 1 Math


By the end of first grade, students who are making adequate progress in math are able to:

1.1 Recognize/continue simple patterns

1.2 Compare more/less on a graph

1.3 Identify circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles

1.4 Know addition facts to 10

1.5 Know subtraction facts to 10

1.6 Solve word problems using addition and subtraction

1.7 Count to 100

a.     By ones

b.     By twos

c.      By fives

d.     By tens

1.8      Understand number order to 100

1.9       Write numbers to 100

1.10   Recognize tens and ones in numbers 1-99

1.11  Recognize halves, thirds, fourths

1.12  Understand time to the hour, half hour

1.13  Identify name and value of the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter

1.14  Measure length to the nearest inch

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