Grade 4 Music

Grade 4 Music

Music Primary School (Grade 4)


By the end of fourth grade, students who are making adequate progress in music are able to:

4.1 Identify and begin to follow basic standard notation.

4.2 melodically

4.3 rhythmically

4.4 Compose a simple melody to play on bells or recorder. 

4.5 Identify and sing a round. 

4.6 Play and/or improvise an ostinato or simple melody on the Orff instruments. 

4.7 Play and/or improvise an ostinato or simple rhythm accompaniment using percussion instruments. 

4.8 Play G, A, B, C, low and high D and E on the recorder. 

4.9 Identify and demonstrate proper concert etiquette. 

4.10 Aurally identify the basic elements of music including melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamics, timbre, form and style. 

4.11 Discuss the basic means by which the voice and instruments can alter pitch and dynamics. 

4.12 Sing and perform a variety of songs representing different countries and cultures. These would include American folk and pop music, African-American spirituals and Latin American folk music. 

4.13 Have developed a listening repertoire of “classical” music of standard major composers. These would include J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, Camille St. Sean, A. Copland and various Russian composers. 

4.14 Have listened to and be able to identify the characteristics of operas and musicals. 

4.15 Have experienced and performed to various styles of dance music. 


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