Library Media

Library Media


Students who are making adequate progress in library media are able to:

Access to Resources

Introduced to finding appropriate materials and the organization of a library

Aware of the variety of resources in a library

Aware that the library is a place to find the answers to questions

PS Level


More proficient in understanding the organization and environment of libraries

A deeper understanding of the variety of resources in the library and how they are organized

Continue to develop and practice the information problem solving process

MS Level


Mastered the organization of the high school library media center

Fully utilize the variety of resources available in the high school library and understand that the library is the place to find answers

Mastered the information problem solving process

HS Level

Utilization of Resources

Introduced to the process of task definition, information seeking strategies, organizing and using the information found

PS Level


Begin to work on their own with reference tools and materials including electronic databases and OPAC

MS Level


Be independent users of reference tools and materials

HS Level

Lifelong Learning/Reading Guidance

Introduced to a variety of literary genres, lifelong reading habits, and technology resources

PS Level

Have a understanding of fiction genres and continue to work on the skills needed to use the library for personal interests and personal reading

MS Level

Students will have mastered the utilization of library media center resources for their own personal needs and interests thus developing a commitment to lifetime learning

HS Level


Have an understanding of how their new library works and is arranged.

Be familiar with the OPAC system and how to use it effectively.

Understand what the Dewy Decimal System is and have a basic understanding of how it works to organize a library.

Students will understand how to stay safe on the internet and understand why this is important.

Begin to understand website evaluation and why it is important.

Have a better appreciation of literature for pleasure.

Begin to understand how to effectively navigate the information that is available to them.

Have a basic understanding of how to use Power Point and Word or similar programs.

5th grade Media class

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