Grade 8 Math

Grade 8 Math

Math Grade 8


By the end of eighth grade, students who are making adequate progress in math are able to:

8.1             Translate verbal expressions into algebraic expressions and equations.

8.2             Add, subtract, multiply, divide and factor algebraic terms and expressions.

8.3             Solve equations and inequalities with one variable.

8.4             Solve a variety of percent problems

8.5             Solve various angle problems using various angle relationships.

8.6             Translate, rotate, dilate, or reflect a point or shape on the coordinate graph.

8.7             Use and apply the Pythagorean Theorem to a variety of problem situations.

8.8             Represent a function in the form of a table, graph, or equation.

8.9            Graph a linear equation on a coordinate graph from a table of values or use the Slope-Intercept method.

8.10     Solve a variety of ratio and proportion problems.

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