Grade 7 Science

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Grade 7 Science

Science Grade 7


By the end of seventh grade, students who are making adequate progress in science are able to: 

7.1 Use the Scientific Method to gather, organize, analyze, apply, and record data.

7.2 Understand Cell Theory as the basic premise for all living organizism.

7.3 Be able to use the microscope properly and measure objects to the nearest 0.1 mm.

7.4 Know the 5 Kingdom classification system and the use of Scientific Names in this system.

7.5 Classify an organism using a Field Guide or a Dichotomous Classification Key.

7.6 Be familiar with Mendel’s Laws of genetics and apply a Punnet Square in order to answer questions concerning inheriting traits.

7.7 Be familiar with the Theory of Evolution.

7.8 Be familiar with food webs and energy pyramids.

7.9 Aware of environmental problems cause by industrialization.

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