Grade 6 Science

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Grade 6 Science

Science Grade 6


By the end of sixth grade, students who are making adequate progress in science are able to:


6.1           Understand the features and principals of the planet Earth, and its relationship to other celestial bodies within our Solar System.

6.2           Understand the dynamic and constant evolution of the planet and how life forms adapt to those changes.


6.3           Identify the physical and chemical properties of matter.

6.4           Understand the interactions, states, measurements, changes, and reactions of elements.


6.5           Observe and describe properties of sound, light, electricity, and magnetism, and their relationships to energy conversion and production.


6.6           Identify parts of the human anatomy and how those parts are organized into related systems.


6.7           Identify processes, components, and factors pertaining to living plants and animals.

6.8     Describe how living organisms interact with their environments for survival and adaptation.

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