Grade 5-8 Art

Grade 5-8 Art

Art Grade 5-8


By the end of eighth grade, students who are making adequate progress in art are able to:

6.1              The student will have increased ability to express ideas in various Art media.

6.2              The students will have extended their ability to use elements of Art; line, color, texture, mass, design.

6.3              The student will have developed a respect and knowledge for the proper use of various materials and supplies.

6.4              The students will have an appreciation for the arts of past cultures though integration with the academic program and will be able to recognize and identify them.

6.5              The students will be able to visualize and translate facts to art forms imaginatively and creatively.

6.6              The students should have an awareness of elementary perspective, include details that characterize human figures, objects, and record pictorially differences between them, depict proper relationships, and show action.

6.7              The students will have an increased awareness of aesthetic beauty and good taste.

8.1              Knowledge of use of color in Art; increasing sensitivity to variations in hue, brightness, darkness, in short, color value; strengthening a feeling for color usage through experimentation with varied combinations, quantities, and qualities of color.

8.2              .Develop an ability to solve creative problems of emphasis, rhythm, movement, and unity within a design.

8.3              Growth in the appreciation of artists and Art movements.

8.4              Increased understanding of the value of effective routines for the use and distribution and care of materials and supplies.

8.5              Becoming more aware of how to express feelings/emotions/issues/events in Art.

8.6              Discovery of ways in which ideas can be expressed realistically and non-realistically in Art.

8.7              Increased appreciation of artists and Art movements of the world.

8.8              Have the ability to construct and decorate a three -dimensional art form.

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