Health Education

May 16 - District-wide Evacuation Drill at 1:15 pm.

May 24 and May 28, 2024 will be give back snow days.
There's NO SCHOOL May 24 through and including May 28, 2024.  Students will return to school on Wednesday, May 29, 2024 following the Memorial Day break.

Health Education

Health Education High School


By the end of health education class, students who are making adequate progress are able to:

=        Understand the Health Triangle (mental/emotional, social, physical), dimensions and how they interrelate to determine their own level of wellness.

=        Identify the types of violence illustrated on the “Power and Control” Wheel and be able to assess their own relationships (as to whether they are healthy or unhealthy).

=        Identify (and be able to list pros and cons for each), common birth control methods that are/or are not available to teens.

=        Describe HIV, (how it is transmitted, what are signs and symptoms, how does testing/treatment work and where they can go for testing). This along with other common sexually transmitted infections.

=        Construct the new food pyramid and use the internet (mypyramid.guv) site to assess their personal nutrition and fitness needs.

=        List the short and long term effects of tobacco/alcohol and other “common” drugs of choice and discuss the impacts that use has on the people surrounding the “user”.

      Create a resource list (throughout the semester) of Chenango County (and surrounding areas) agencies that they can use as resources (personal or for school projects) – equipped with contact people, phone numbers and addresses.

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