Grade 6 E.L.A.

Grade 6 E.L.A.

English Language Arts Grade 6


By the end of sixth grade, students who are making adequate progress in literacy are able to:


6.1 Able to tell the main idea, theme, and details of a story

6.2 Comfortable using a variety of reading strategies to get more from their reading

6.3 Recognize, have read, and have been exposed to a varied of genre

6.4 Identity an author’s purpose for writing

6.5 Become more proficient making inferences in reference to reading passages

6.6 Identify an author’s view point from which their story is told

6.7 Proficient in using context clues to identify the meaning of words that are in their readings

6.8 Make connections between their book and the outside world

6.9 Compare elements of different written pieces and notice how they are similar and different


6.1 As writers will know their purpose for writing

6.2 Use and become more comfortable completing the writing process

6.3 More proficient editing their writing pieces use editing symbols

6.4 Work toward proficiency in the use of proper writing mechanics

6.5 Students’ correct grammar usage will be evident through their writing

6.6 Improve their note taking skills

6.7 More proficient using a dictionary and better understand the elements of a dictionary entry

6.8 More proficient in identifying parts of speech and their proper use

Listening & Speaking:

6.1 Present an original writing piece to the class

6.2 Listen to other students present original writing pieces and come up with at least one detail from the story they listened to

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