Grade 8 Music

Grade 8 Music

Music Grade 8

By the end of eigth grade, students who are making adequate progress  in music are able to:

8.1 Play basic chords on the dulcimer and one of the following: mandolin, guitar, piano or banjo

8.2 Accompany another musician playing a basic folk song

8.3 Read tablature

8.4 Play melodies on the dulcimer and one of the following: mandolin, guitar, recorder, piano or banjo

8.5 Perform music as part of a group

8.6 Improvise short passages

8.7 Create arrangements for group playing

8.8 Play more advanced drumming parts in the World Drumming Unit Ensembles

8.9 Describe music in terms of dynamics, style, timbre, mood, tempo.

8.10 Describe the musical contributions of the cities of New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville and Philadelphia

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