Grade 7 social studies

Grade 7 social studies

American History Social Studies Grade 7


By the end of seventh grade, students who are making adequate progress in social studies are able to:

7.1 Analyze primary and secondary source documents

7.2 Understand the connections between geography, economics and society as related to the 7th grade curriculum

7.3 Understand how social, political, and economic factors play a role in society and the major events within the society

7.4 Use and interpret flow charts, Venn diagrams, timelines, maps and other types of note

7.5 Compare and contrast as well as understand cause and effect relationships as they pertain to the 7th grade curriculum.  

7.6 Continue to learn to apply these skills in order to understand the world around them.

7.7 Gain valuable information on a historical topic or person by using their research skills

7.8 Understand how their government works and how they can be good citizens

7.9 Answer pertinent questions about key topics and periods of time from the 7th grade curriculum such as: exploration, colonies, slavery, Native Americans, the American Revolution, the U.S. government, the War of 1812, Industrialization, Andrew Jackson reform movements, westward movement, the War with Mexico, and causes of the Civil War.

7.10Write a DBQ essay that scores at least a level 3.

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