Grade 8 social studies

Grade 8 social studies

American History Social Studies Grade 8


By the end of eighth grade, students who are making adequate progress in social studies are able to:

8.1 Show historical progression in events that encompass the time period from the Civil War to present day.

8.2 Identify primary and secondary sources and analyze them.

8.3  Explain the interconnectedness of events, which are social, political and economic; and how these events shape government and history.

8.4 Show how geography and economics shape government and history.

8.5  Utilize maps, tables, and graphs to analyze and present data.

8.6 Explore how to dissect musical lyrics and find their social, political and/or historical meanings.

8.7  Make connections between past and present, through current event assignments and the discussion about them.

8.8  Explore volunteerism and community service to expand their knowledge of citizenship.

8.9 Improve their skills and grades on State created DBQ’s by using the outline adopted by the social studies department.

8.10    Discuss and debate questions and issues based on current events and good citizenship; and should start to form their own opinions on issues.

8.11Understand their Government through further exploration of its workings.

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