Grade 3 Math

Grade 3 Math

Math Grade 3


By the end of third grade, students who are making adequate progress in math are able to:

3.1            Organize and display data using tally marks, pictographs, bar graphs, and draw conclusions from the data.

3.2            Tell time to the minute using digital and analog clocks.

3.3            Count combined coins and dollars.

3.4            Measure length (inches, half inches, feet, and yards), mass, and  capacity using standard units.

3.5            Define and identify 3-D space figures and 2-D shapes (including rhombus, trapezoid, and hexagon).

3.6            Identify congruent figures and lines of symmetry.

3.7            Add and subtract 3 digit numbers (with regrouping).

3.8            Developing fluency with single digit multiply and division facts.

3.9            Understand and recognize fractions as equal parts of a whole, and relate unit fractions to the face of the clock.

3.10       Knowing how and when to estimate.
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