Grade 5 social studies

Grade 5 social studies

Social Studies Grade 5


By the end of fifth grade, students who are making adequate progress in social studies are able to:

5.1              Understand the configuration of required assessments.

5.2              Will use test-taking skills reviewed in class to complete required assessments.

5.3              Will become familiar with the writing process required to answer a Document Based Question on required assessments.

5.4              Identify basic parts of a map.

5.5              Identify basic types of maps and their uses.

5.6              Identify basic landforms.

5.7              Understand how the environment affected each group’s way of life.

5.8              Create primary and secondary sources to teach classmates about Native American groups.

5.9              Become familiar with the affects of European exploration on the Western Hemisphere

5.10          Become familiar with the original 13 colonies.

5.11          Become familiar with the daily life of a colonist.

5.12          Become familiar with ten specific events from this time period.

5.13          Create and use a timeline of the ten events.

5.14          Become familiar with the parts of the Constitution.

5.15          Become familiar with the Bill of Rights.

5.16          Become familiar with Branches of Government.

5.17          Understand how specific events affected human rights

5.18          Become familiar with basic causes of the Civil War.

5.19          Become familiar with basic events and individuals from the Civil War period.

5.20          Become familiar with reasons for immigration to the U.S.

5.21          Become familiar with the U.S. immigration process during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

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