Grade 3 E.L.A.

Grade 3 E.L.A.

English Langauge Arts Grade 3


By the end of third grade, students who are making adequate progress in reading/writing are able to:


3.1           Read grade level texts independently with understanding. (Grade 3 instructional levels 23-25)

3.2           Read grade level text with appropriate accuracy and fluency.

3.3           Uses comprehension strategies to monitor own reading (e.g. Predict/confirm, reread, attend to vocabulary, self correct) to clarify meaning of text.

3.4           Decodes grade level words using knowledge of word structure (e.g., roots, prefixes, suffixes, contractions verb endings, plurals, compounds).

3.5           Reads and understands grade level vocabulary words in ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science.

3.6           Reads high frequency words appropriate for grades 1 through 3.



3.1           Write structurally correct sentences in logical order and uses paragraphs to organize topics.

3.2           Edit work for spelling, capitalization, spacing and punctuation.

3.3     Can independently take notes. 


3.1           Listens attentively to books, and read aloud.


               3.1           Communicate ideas in an organized, cohesive manner.
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